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Festus Maina: 33-Year-Old Who Is Finishing His Ph.D., Rose From Failing Exams To Become Lecturer, Established Author, And Entrepreneur

Meet a Kenyan mid-30s dreamer daring to thrift your comfort zone. Festus Maina is a man on a mission with a quest to create a revolution of growth among strategic innovators and society through careers and families.

As a lecturer from a poor failing boy in school, Festus Maina has a passion for strategic problem solving and achieving financial freedom through his growth and various roles. 

As a dedicated lecturer at the Co-operative University of Kenya, he shares knowledge that extends beyond the contemporary theoretical classroom model. He resonates with modern innovations turning young innovative minds into functional and industry based solution providers through strategic tips that lead to growth.

His growth from a painful failing process in business and academics makes him the best fit to know what works in a contemporary academic system and investments.

This steers his spirit to impact better and quicker with young learners and investors who are inclined to innovation and problem solving. 

As an entrepreneur and a lecturer, Festus has steered entrepreneurial innovation projects across African Universities transforming ordinary students into graduates with innovative problem solving companies.

Festus Maina: 33-Year-Old Who Is Finishing His Ph.D., Rose From Failing Exams To Become Lecturer, Established Author, And Entrepreneur

Festus is also the visionary founder of Naicef Limited, the only Fintravel Company in Africa. His expertise extends to consultancy, particularly in investment, youth development, and tourism.

From practical experience, Festus Maina acknowledges the challenges in our society through the lens of a struggling dreamer. A boy who was terribly rejected in class because of failing to a Ph.D. student while in his youthful years. From a failing business starter to a prodigious serial investor. Above that, a husband and father to a conscious family.

From these experiential processes fueling his commitment to impact society at large, Festus has published two impactful guide books of our time. The ‘Real Growth Hacks’, is a practical guidebook that challenges you to move beyond motivational clichés.

With practical insights from successful careers, startups, and investments, this book provides actionable guidelines for achieving true success.

Unlike motivation books, this is a mentorship guide that helps break free from self-limiting habits and embrace strategies that lead to financial freedom to become a finisher, not just a dreamer.

The second book, ‘Swings to Parenting’ coauthored with his wife Nancy Maina is a bare knuckles effective parenting guide addressing real experiences affecting families and society in silence.

The book covers essential topics such as pre-pregnancy preparation, crucial steps for expectant mothers, and navigating the journey of raising children.

Swings to Parenting book further delves into Dad’s roles in preparation for parenting from finance, family setup, society pressure management, and conception preparation to walking through the pregnancy journey and raising healthy functional families. 

Festus emphasizes the art of mastering a craft, strategizing, and building a modern working formula to solve problems rather than coexist and entertain the same boring routine of poverty, shallow thinking, inaction, and unproductive engagement.

Being innovative and strategic in problem solving leads to a more proficient career path and investment that pulls massive success. 

Through Festus’ inspiring story of career, entrepreneurship, and literacy development, we can embrace his practical mentorship through his books for effective financial and career balance and largely in having sustainable functional families.

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