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Five Popular Full Size SUVs On Kenyan roads

Big is always better, this has been a trend in the automobile industry for ages. As the consumer associates a big car with power and wealth, the manufacturers oblige by producing bigger cars. Before the luxury SUVs we see on the road came to be, Manufacturers started with the concept of a station wagon placed on a 4 wheel truck/pickup chassis, as demand grew and the trend caught on, the Full size SUV was born. The vehicles have seen refinement from military use where they mostly served as personnel carriers to some of the most comfortable and luxurious vehicles. The wealthiest in the society are known to own them including our president who is also known to personally drive a full sized SUV or be driven around in one. Here are five Full sized SUV’s that you are most likely to see on our Kenyan roads.

Toyota Land cruiser J200/Lexus LX570

commonly referred to by its engine size as the V8. The Toyota and Lexus variants are the same in terms of dimensions and engine size although the Lexus bears a distinctive look and more luxurious options. This vehicle is the go to vehicle for the crème de la crème in the society. Its wide body and raised ride height makes it a capable off-roading vehicle although it rarely gets to serve that purpose in Kenya, it features some excellent technology when it comes to off-road use such as traction control and crawl control. It’s also luxurious and features various safety measures that it’s the go to car for top politicians in the country. The president is also known to use one that has upgraded security features as the Official state car. The Lexus LX570 attracts a price tag of 22M for a 2018 model and 1.8M for an earlier 2000 model, whereas the Toyota Land cruiser J200 from 2018 will set you back 12M and 1.5M for a 2000 model.

Nissan patrol/infinityQx56

The Nissan patrol had somehow vanished on our roads due to a myriad of issues that were associated with previous models, but now it’s making a comeback and is trying to get a slice of the pie in the Full size SUV market, The infinity brand is a bit rare but you could spot one or two in state functions as they are currently the go to cars by the political class and dignitaries. The vehicle has great off-road potential and is commonly used in Dubai for desert sports. It features a V8 engine. Wide body dimensions, a raised ride height and other luxury features which make it desirable to the elite. A 2020 model of the Nissan Patrol will cost you kshs12.5M whereas a 2000 model will cost you around kshs800k

Ford Everest

Also called the Ford endeavor, it’s based on the famous Ford ranger pickup Chassis. The vehicle is mostly common with parastatal heads and some University Dons. You will mostly see these vehicles with Blue number plates. The vehicles come in different engine sizes varying from a 2000cc engine to a 3200cc engine depending on the trim. The Everest is a capable Off-road vehicle in the 4wheel drive trim and is also very comfortable in all trims when on paved roads. The vehicle attracts a price tag of kshs2.7m for a 2014 model and kshs850,000 for a 2005 model  

Mercedes G class

It’s commonly known by the name G-wagon which is a mispronunciation of its German name G-Wagen, which is short for Gelandewagen which means Terrain Vehicle. The vehicle has been in production since 1979 with very minimal changes in its looks over the years retaining its boxy look. It has been a status symbol across the world and is the go to vehicle for celebrities. In Kenya several celebrities own the vehicle and the president has on several occasions been spotted driving around in one. The vehicle comes with a price tag of 17m for a 2017 model whereas a 1980’s model will cost between 500k and 1M depending on extras added.

Land Rover Defender 110 TDI

This is one of the most iconic cars in the world and probably the world’s oldest SUV, started production in 1948 and ceased production in 2016 with the brand being resurrected in 2019. The vehicle is common in government offices and is mostly used by administrators. The vehicle is a capable off roader and due to its huge size it can comfortably sit 7 passengers. It is used to access the most remote areas where roads are almost nonexistent. It’s highly favored by tourists who visit the country with the intention of going for camping expeditions or travelling across the country. The price for a 2012 model may go up to 3.7M and 250k for a 1994model.

The full-sized SUVs offer the sense of pride and security as they are some of the most respected vehicles in our roads. Depending with how deep your pocket is, you can choose from luxurious to the most basic. Next