Fredrick Kantore: Nairobi Nail Technician Making Up To Ksh 6,000 Per Day

Fredrick Kantore at work PHOTO/Courtesy

In the recent years, men involvement in the beauty and cosmetics industry has increased making it a lucrative venture.

Fredrick Kantore is among men who are engaged in the cosmetic business having set up a shop in Imenti House within the Nairobi CBD.

From his business, the nail technician makes upto Ksh 6,000 on a good day.

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Here is Kantore’s story as told by WoK.

Interest in beauty and cosmetics

Kantore, a Rwandese, began his journey in the industry began years ago when he enrolled for beauty courses at a college in Rwanda.

Speaking to Capital FM, the nail technician said he had full support of his parents by the time he enrolled to pursue the course.

Kantore equates his work to giving service to the humanity.

“I sincerely love this work  and I am always satisfied and contented  seeing a client coming here and next time they come back meaning they are satisfied with what I do,” he noted.

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Source of employment

With the high rates of unemployment in the country, Kantore insists that the youth should consider venturing into the beauty industry.

He also discouraged the notion that jobs in the beauty industry are reserved for ladies, arguing that it is just like any other profession.

“When you start doing this work it is abit awkward because with our African perspective that this is women work and you don’t have a hardworking and determined spirit, you’ll easily get demoralized,” Kantore said.

He also emphasized on the need of having respect while serving clients.

“When a customer realizes you do not respect them especially when massaging there hands and lower legs, they will leave and never come back, and I will be the one losing it at the end,” Kantore added.


Kantore provides nail care treatment to his customers depending on their needs and preferences.

His services include polishing fingernails and toenails, painting designs and applying gel and acrylic nails.

He also offers nail extensions and nail art applications among a variety of other nail treatments.

“A manicure involves cleansing, hand massage, filing, polishing, shaping of nails, cuticle care and the application of polish. A pedicure is similar to a manicure only that it is done on the toenails,” Kantore explained.

Kantore charges Ksh 500 for each manicure and pedicure per client, and he can take care of six or more clients.

At the moment, Kantore works in a shared rented room making it easy for them to comfortably raise the rent.

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