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HomenewsFreemasons Help UK Teenagers Raise KSh1.4 Million To Help Needy Kenyan Children

Freemasons Help UK Teenagers Raise KSh1.4 Million To Help Needy Kenyan Children

Freemasons in the United Kingdom joined hands with five teenagers to raise KSh1.4 million meant to help needy children in Kenya.

The freemasons helped two of the five teenagers by providing a hall for them through which they held a fundraising.

The two, Mia Rattley and Tom Jones were given the hall in Horndean free of charge for the event held on Tuesday, March 3.

The other three teenagers are Taylor Masterman, Leila Dixon and Xander Harris. Together, they are raising funds to help needy children in Nakuru County.

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The five have raised KSh 75,000 so far. They managed to secure the funds through charities and a crowdsourcing account on Just Giving.

They also raised the funds through sponsored walks, tabletop sales, car boot sales, and selling refreshments during school productions.

The teenagers said they will use the funds to build school facilities as well as help with their teaching and coaching sport activities.

Speaking in an interview with Portsmouth, a British publication, Mia said she was looking forward to help Kenyan children further noting how the program is beneficial to her.

“I’m really looking forward to working with the children in Kenya and helping them. This will be a big achievement for me as I suffer from anxiety but I know this will not only help them but will also personally be good for me,” Mia said.

Their parents have also been very instrumental in making their dream a success.

“She is determined that she will do this and make a difference and this makes us so proud. It’s going to be challenging for her but I know she will make the most of her experience

“We’ve never done any kind of fundraising before, it’s been tough but very interesting,” Mia’s mother, Dawn Rattley said.

The five are expected to visit the country after completion of their fundraising.