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From A Millionaire In The US To Uber Driver In Kenya: The Grace To Grass Story Of Beatrice Njoki

When heartbreak hit hard, Beatrice Njoki Mangure decided to travel outside the country to heal. She went on to establish a successful business in the US and made millions from her successful ventures. Speaking to Afrimax TV, she painfully narrated how everything came tumbling down, forcing her to work as a taxi driver to earn an income. 

Here is her story as told by WoK.

Moving to Nairobi 

Born and raised in Embu, she moved to Kenya’s capital for her tertiary education. Thereafter, she began working for an NGO in Nairobi. Life was good and she met her husband in church.

The two got married and went on to have two kids. They even decided to start a business together and she took a loan from her job. She gave the money to her husband who was to run the business. 


The marriage bliss came to an end when the husband ended the relationship. He left her for the house girl. Feeling heartbroken, Beatrice decided to find a way out of the country.

Life was so hard at the time she even got treated for depression. She ended up in Georgia, US where she worked extremely hard to build a fortune.


The enterprising woman left employment and started a catering business known as New Light Catering.

She specialized in Kenyan cuisine making foods like chapati and samosa. The business grew thanks to the many hours she put in. Her finances also improved and she bought two cars.

Moving back home and losing everything 

Things would take a bad turn when she fell and hurt herself. This fall affected her greatly and her legs which were already bad became worse.

She decided to relocate back to the country and bought new things. She put all the new stuff and the old in a container but it never reached the country. Beatrice arrived in Kenya with her suitcases only. 

The enterprising Beatrice registered a business and hoped to get a tender with the government. Her sister told her of someone who had a company that had tenders with NGOs.

All the person needed was finances. The catering expert sank her finances into the business only for the person to disappear.

Still determined, she heard the church had a business opportunity where people could invest. Once again, she lost money. True to her indomitable spirit, she then entered into politics aspiring to be a senator but failed yet again. 

This left her in dire straits with nearly nothing to show for all the years of hard work. To top it all, her disability makes it hard for her to do strenuous activities. Since she needed to make a living, she registered for the taxi business.

Beatrice Njoki  works with a company that takes 25% commission for every ride she makes. While a far cry from her previous life, she believes one has to do what they can. Besides, since the taxi business requires sitting, it is less straining for her legs.


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