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From Radio To TikTok: How Radio Star Joyce Gituro And Her Son, Jakes Nyanjom, Are Taking The Internet By Storm  

Social media has a way of bringing families together, and the mother-son duo of Jakes Nyanjom and Joyce Gituro has done just that.

These two have captured the hearts of Kenyans with their entertaining TikTok videos, showcasing their bond and allowing fans to see a different side of the radio star’s family.

This is their journey as told by WoK:

Loyal fans

Gituro, who was at one time the head of Royal Media’s Radio Citizen head of Mediamax–owned Milele FM, and later held a stint at Radio Jambo, has never been shy of displaying her family to the public.

However, of her three children, two of whom are sons, it is Jakes Nyanjom who seems to have embraced the spotlight.

Their TikTok videos have taken the social media community by storm with their charming touch of humor and relatability.

For instance, in one of their recent clips, Gituro can be seen admonishing Jakes for arriving home at 3 a.m. In the ensuing altercation, she tells him:

“If you ever come home past 10 pm, you will go back to where you came from and sleep there,

In another, they discuss Jakes’ plans for his first salary, with Gituro scoffing at her son’s plan of touring the infamous Vasha for a wild weekend.

Naturally, this bonding has earned them a legion of loyal fans.

Homeboyz Radio

According to his LinkedIn profile, Jakes, who is in his early 20s, is a radio presenter, social media marketer, photographer, videographer, and voice-over artist.

Despite his young age, he holds a master’s in public administration, communication, and media studies from Daystar University.

He currently works at Radio Africa Group’s Homeboyz radio, where he hosts the Jams Session show between 12-5 a.m.

Like his mother, he seems to be carving his own path in the world of media.

A Single Mother’s Journey:

Despite Joyce Gituro successful media career, adorable sons, and bubbly personality, Joyce Gituro’s marriage has been tumultuous.

In an interview with former colleague Jeridah Andayi, the celebrated radio star opened up on how she broke up with her husband over religious differences.

The church was the main reason me and my husband parted ways. I lost my husband in church. My husband told me we had to leave the church where we used to worship and he took me to a church that I did not believe in. When I went there, I told my husband I was not comfortable with the doctrines…The church was sounding funny,” she narrated.

She also recounted a day when the new church’s pastor ordered congregants to close the church’s doors and windows in order to ‘chase the devil.’ Gituro could not handle what she termed as ‘the nonsense’, and so she decided to walk out.

Things went from bad to worse when her husband started ‘receiving’ scary prophesies from the pastor and even went as far as to purchase a sh 27 000 TV for the man of God without consulting her.

The ensuing altercation led to a divorce, with the husband carrying every household item he could lay his hands on with him.

My hubby left us. He carried everything in the house. I have never seen a man who when leaving, packs the cooker, fridge, seats, curtains, and other things in the house. I was shocked. We had our own issues but I did not expect it to get to that,” said Gituro.

That was in 2008, a time when Joyce Gituro was at the peak of her radio career.

After her unexpected exit from Radio Jambo in 2020, the media guru shifted her efforts to social media platforms, especially YouTube and Facebook, where she hosts the ‘Sema na JG show’.

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