Godfrey Mutwiri: Class 7 Dropout Sets Up Own Radio Station Using Scrap Materials

Godfrey Mutwiri, a 24-year-old from Imenti South, Meru County has always been passionate about radio and broadcasting.

His love for radio has pushed him to the point that he single-handedly set up his own radio station using scrap materials.

Here is his story as told by WoK.

FM station

Mutwiri currently runs Scago FM, which broadcasts on a frequency of 87.5 FM.

The 24-year-old assembled the radio station inside his electronic repair shop from scratch using scrap materials.

Speaking in an interview with NTV, Mutwiri mentioned that the radio station was inspired by his love for roots and country music.

“The items I used have been modified from scrap materials collected from transformers, vehicles, and amplifiers. I linked them and set up a broadcast station,” he said.


Mutwiri has not had it easy as he has also faced challenges while setting up his radio station.

This was not his first attempt to set up a radio station. He first attempted to build the radio station in 2020.

However, he was arrested by police officers on grounds that he was connecting electricity without authorisation. 

“I was arrested because of using electricity without permission. They took me to the police and detained me for hours,” Mutwiri stated.

Mutwiri has managed to set up the radio station with no background in journalism or engineering. He dropped out of school in class 7 for being diabetic.

The first time his radio station went live, he managed to reach listeners within a 10-meter radius, but he later managed to expand his coverage.

Mutwiri need a booster to be able to reach more people in his locality.

“The first one I made did not broadcast clearly. It only reached people 10 meters from its location. Now it broadcasts even further as long as I raise the antennae

”If I get a booster and raise the antennae even hire, I think I will be able to reach the whole of Meru,” he said.