Gucci Umbrella Now Retailing For KSh 190k


Italian high-end luxury fashion house, Gucci has collaborated with sportswear company Adidas AG to create a luxury umbrella.

The new collection which has both Adidas and Gucci logos on it will be released on June 7 and will retail for KSh 191,360.

However, it is important to note that the umbrella is not meant for the rain, but the sun.

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Gucci warned that the pricey umbrella is not waterproof and so it should only be used for sun protection or for decorative purposes.

The new innovation sparked mixed reactions, especially from China where the move was termed a useless fashion statement.

“As long as I’m poor, they won’t be able to trick me into paying for this… That’s a very big but useless fashion statement,” a social media user said.

This comes barely a month after Balenciaga released worn-out sneakers at exorbitant prices.

According to the fashion house, only 100 pairs of extra destroyed sneakers will be available to buy for KSh 215,800.

The non-limited edition, and less roughed up versions, are being sold on the Balenciaga website for KSh 58,000 and KSh 73,000 depending on the specific style.

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