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Hair Goals: 8 Female Celebrities With Most Expensive Wigs In Kenya

In the world of fashion and beauty, wigs have become an essential accessory for many women, helping them transform their looks effortlessly.

In Kenya, female celebrities have taken wigs to a whole new level, opting for the most expensive and luxurious options on the market.

WoK takes a closer look at some of these Kenyan stars and their extravagant hair investments.

Victoria Kimani

The melodious vixen has been hailed as the queen of colored weaves.

Speaking in an interview with Standard, she said she bought her first purple hair at the Edee Beau Studios in London for about $1 470 (sh 147 000).

Mark you, this was only the cost of the hair without the process of weaving.

In 2020, Kimani plunged into the beauty and fashion business after launching a hair product called Kimani Luxury Braid, just a few months after launching her clothing collection dubbed Kimani Culture.

Vera Sidika

According to online sources, the celebrated vixen-cum socialite is said to have bought her hair for sh 185,000 and has spent over sh 450,000 on hair products.

This fascination with expensive wigs landed the mother of two in trouble in 2022 after a Nigerian luxury hair entrepreneur by the name of Chieme Royals exposed her for wanting a sh 226 000 Wig for free.

In leaked chats, the Nigerian exposed how Vera was proposing to pay for the wig via free publicity while casting for The Real Housewives of Nairobi.

Vera is also in the salon business, although she recently closed her Mombasa salon.


Ex Nairobi diaries actress Stacy Vugusta aka Pendo is a real spender when it comes to looking glamorous.

According to Standard, Pendo purchases her wigs locally, with the price varying depending on the length of the wig.

For her, a short weave ranges between sh 20 000 and sh 30 000 while she can spend over sh 60 000 for longer weaves.

She prefers Indian hair and visits the salon at least twice a month.

Pierra Makena

The celebrated DJ is one of the few female celebrities who rarely wears weaves and instead prefers her natural hair.

She only dons wigs for the occasional gig.

Speaking to Standard, she said the wigs she wears depend on the theme of the party she attends, and that she currently owns over 10 wigs of different styles.

She said they cost around sh 45,000 each because she purchases them locally.

Anerlisa Muigai

The Keroche heiress has previously made headlines for spending over sh 200 000 on a single salon visit.

This was according to a salon receipt that she posted on social media, with some netizens expressing dismay that the expenses were almost equal to the salary of a university vice-chancellor. ‘

‘How is my new hairstyle?’’ Anerlisa asked as she posted photos of her new micro weave, which was done at a whopping cost of Sh 15,000.

Muigai is the CEO of her own company NERO, which sells premium drinking water.

Size 8

In an interview with Xtian Dela, Size 8, aka Mama Wambo, revealed she once spent between sh 100 000 and sh 200 000 on her hair.

She added that her spendthrift habits have led her to give any spare money to her husband for safekeeping because, apparently, she lacks the financial discipline to hold back on unnecessary expenses.

In 2020, the mateke hitmaker launched her own hairline business dubbed ‘DivineLuxury Hair’.

Milly Wa Jesus

During an interview at a beauty event earlier this year, content creator Milly Wa Jesus said she was sporting an expensive HD weave that cost about sh 100 000.

She said the wig had been sourced from Medigah London Hair.

She also urged Kenyans to embrace new weaves, sharing some bad experiences she has undergone with weaves.

In another event she had attended in 2021, she revealed she was sporting a weave worth about sh 65 000, which she described as raw Vietnamese hair.

Yvonne Mugure

According to Pulse Kenya, content creator Yvonne Mugure once revealed that the most expensive wig in her collection was worth about $ 4,000 (sh 580 000).

She said she never wears the same wig on two consecutive days.

Earlier this year, the content creator left the internet buzzing after sharing a clip of herself depositing sh 90 million at a local bank.

In the video, Mugure revealed she had spent over sh 600 000 in a day and that her money came from a deal she had closed.

The statement left netizens wondering what kind of business she was running, especially with this harsh economy.

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