Hass Petroleum: How Two Brothers Founded Filling Station In Kisumu, Now Spread In Nine African Countries

Hass Petroleum is a privately-owned Kenyan oil marketing company offering services such as fuel storage, automated fuel systems and LPG piped gas system.

The company was founded in 1996 by two brothers the late Abdirizak Ali Hassan and Abdinasir Ali Hassan.

The current CEO is Mohamud Salat.

But how has Hass risen over the years become one of Kenya’s most popular oil company? Here is their story as told by WoK.


Appearing on a special feature on Chams Media, Hass Petroleum Chairman Abdinasir Ali Hassan noted that they started the company with his younger brother.

The company was established in 1997 just before the El Nino which caused a fuel shortage in Tanzania as it destroyed infrastructure used in fuel transportation.

As a result, a fuel shortage hit the lake region and the demand of fuel suddenly rose, forcing Hass Petroleum to tap into the business.

At the time, the company had set up their first filling station in Kisumu.

“There was a lot of demand coming from the lake region because the fuel supply from Dar Es Salaam was cut off

“My brother was in Mwanza, so we’d load, ship it through the Isebania border and cross to Tanzania even though our resources was small,” Hassan said.


In 2017, OQ, formerly known as Oman Trading International (OTI), acquired 40 per cent stake in Hass Petroleum.

OQ provided additional funding to enhance its market visibility through new distribution assets specifically Service Stations across its key markets in the region.

Hass used the funding for expansions, setting up depots and competing in open tender system to win bids to import oil into the country.

“We reached a stage where we needed a strategic partner to continue and some five years we said we have to do some retail marketing

“As a result, we went around and we found OQ which is owned by the Oman Government and they bought 40 percent from us,” Hassan added.


Hass Petroleum services include, fuel storage, automated fuel systems, LPG piped gas system for residential flats and commercial properties.

The company has storage storage facilities in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, DR Congo, Somalia, Zambia and South Sudan.

The storage facilities are also available to customers and partner oil marketing companies for lease.

The automated fuel is a management system that is anchored on a private tank farm installation.

They include modern fuel cards and Point of Sale (POS), pump automation and automatic tank gauging.

Hass Petroleum also offers piped gas system, popularly known as gas on tap to establishments such as malls.

The petroleum company also work with Jambo Jet as the main supplier of jet fuel.

“Hass Petroleum is one of our main suppliers of jet fuel, they control over 70 percent of Nairobi supply… They are reliable, always on time and have the best quality,” Jambo Jet CEO Karanja Ndegwa said.


Hass Petroleum has presence in nine African countries, namely Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Rwanda, DRC, Zambia and Somalia.

According to Hassan, the company targeted countries that most industry players were afraid to tap into.

“We targeted countries where they could not reach and where they were afraid to penetrate and they were not allowed to deal with. As a result of that, we were inspired to go to those markets,” Hassan added.

Their range of products include automotive oils, industrial oils, greases and equipment specific varieties.