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Henry Desagu Biography, Education,Wife, Children, YouTube Earnings and Career

By Prudence Minayo

Henry Desagu, real name, Ithagu Kibicho, is an online content creator and comedian whose jokes have a wide audience. When he opened his YouTube channel, he didn’t expect it to be that big. It was just a means for him to store his videos. He has stated in multiple interviews that he wasn’t serious about it. Realizing that people actually love and share his videos on different social media platforms propelled him to create more content.

The funnyman can afford a comfortable lifestyle thanks to his content but it takes patience and consistency.


He was a student at Menengai High School before proceeding to Kenyatta University for a Bachelor of Economics Degree.


The comedian is a father of one and married to vlogger Jackie Mbugua. His girlfriend shared this message when she gave birth:

Henry Desagu Biography, Education,Wife, Children, YouTube Earnings and Career
Desagu and his wife Jackie Photo/Courtesy

“(Long story, so take a seat) it is no secret that we @expeditionsmaasaisafarisltd were in a very critical state as you can see! We were EXPECTANT and we are glad that we DELIVERED safe and sound. We are really humbled and greatful for all the overwhelming support, you our valued clients and supporters have shown us! Serving you with the most affordable deals will always be an honor that we shall never take for granted!” Read her post.

Explaining his reason for settling down, the comedian told Betty Kyalo that it was: 

…..important to get a woman who loves you and commit to that relationship. If one fails to do that, he will most likely waste his money and time on women, who are only after the fame..” 

Henry Desagu Biography, Education,Wife, Children, YouTube Earnings and Career
A Heavy Jackie and Desagu Photo/Courtesy

It is advisable that you identify one woman, stick to her and focus on art if you are an artist. So, Jacque Mbugua is that special woman in my life


Although he pursued a degree in economics, comedy was his passion and going to Kenyatta University expanded his horizons. 

“I registered for a comedy theatre group that propelled me into the comedy world. Sometimes I failed in the auditions and was chased because of my body size. Others wanted me to impersonate people which up to now, I can’t,” said Desagu.

He started acting in theatre shows but realized he was making no progress, a situation that prompted him to start vlogging. At first, his parents were against the idea of him venturing in comedy, which is not a surprise as many people in this part of the world still consider comedy as a hobby.

“My late dad wanted me to be in a good white-collar job in a good office. When I started majoring in comedy, they were so upset and totally against it,” he said. This notion changed when Desagu started making it.

“ They realized I was doing well and I had started changing their lifestyles. This is when they appreciated what I was doing,” he told the Star

Henry Desagu’s comedy can be described as situational. He focuses on current situations which he portrays in a humorous way. There was a time when his name was synonymous to Mafisi Sacco. Some of his friends had gone through this situation and so the YouTuber decided to make comic videos out of this. He has gone on to make so many videos including eye witness accounts.

Does comedy pay his bills

Of course, comedy pays his bills as he has revealed in interviews with Betty Kyallo in K24 and Sharon Mundia on NTV. The key is to be patient and consistent. When he was starting out, he made no money and at first he’d get clients who were not even serious. Later, brands began to approach him and he also started making money through YouTube Ad Sense. The big break came when he landed a lucrative deal with Motorhub on Kiambu road. His hardwork had finally paid off. In fact, at first, the father of one thought it was a prank call but it ended up being very real. 

YouTube Earnings-via au.youtubers.me


VIDEO VIEWS-46,475,882


Henry DeSagu estimated earnings by months

month estimated earnings
February 2020 $ 2.47K
January 2020 $ 2.05K
December 2019 $ 1.48K
November 2019 $ 2.32K
October 2019 $ 2.5K
September 2019 $ 2.49K
August 2019 $ 2.57K
July 2019 $ 2.1K
June 2019 $ 2.19K
May 2019 $ 1.47K
April 2019 $ 1.45K
March 2019 $ 1.65K
February 2019 $ 1.96K
January 2019 $ 1.97K
December 2018 $ 2.69K
November 2018 $ 2.19K
October 2018 $ 1.06K
September 2018 $ 2K
August 2018 $ 2.33K
July 2018 $ 1.45K
June 2018 $ 1.36K
May 2018 $ 896
April 2018 $ 1.01K
March 2018 $ 1K
February 2018 $ 299
January 2018 $ 603
December 2017 $ 384
November 2017 $ 298
October 2017 $ 210
August 2017 $ 305
May 2017 $ 537
March 2017 $ 79


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