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Homa Bay Man Excited to Start Job as Bus Driver in Germany:”Solid Income”

Homa Bay
Stephen Sunday from Homa Bay hopes to start work as a bus driver in Northern Germany. Photo/Spiegel.

A Homa Bay man is excited that his dreams of working in Germany will be a reality.

Stephen Sunday has been studying German as he awaits an opportunity to start work as a bus driver in Northern Germany with a transportation firm.

According to the German publication Spiegel, Sunday has been driving buses for 10 years.

He is employed by a school and brings children to soccer tournaments during the day.

“My father was a teacher, and I wanted to work with children as well,” Sunday said.

For Sunday, he is learning German as well as taking health and reflex checks before he can fly to Germany to start work.

Sunday says he loves his job, but he is still looking forward to what lies ahead as a bus driver in Germany.

To him, it’s a secure job in comparison to Kenya, a solid income, this is a new beginning.

“I’m the explorer type,” he says.

According to a report, German cities are suffering from a shortage of bus drivers, and local transportation companies are seeking workers from as far as Kenya.

In 2023 President William Ruto claimed 250,000 jobs available for Kenyans in Germany.

This was after Ruto met up with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Nairobi.

This number was not factual but it generated a lot of interest from Kenyans who wanted to migrate and work in the European country.

The Goethe Institute in Nairobi offers consulting for those interested in migrating, and since Olaf’s visit, its appointment books have been full of Kenyans.

“Demand has increased significantly,” project manager Claudia Schilling is quoted by Spiegel.