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Hotels Owned By DP William Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto is a man of means who has successfully styled himself as a hustler. His humble beginnings notwithstanding, the DP political star has been on a consistent upward trajectory and so is his financial might.

Ruto credits his success to God while his detractors equate him to the god of corruption, reports he denied during an interview with NTV Mark Maasai. Asked if he has ever been engaged in any corrupt dealing by the senior NTV news anchor, the DP replied:

My friends, William Ruto has never ever been involved in any form of corruption either as a member of parliament or today serving as deputy president and I give my pledge that I will not.

The DP also denied reports on a section of the media linking him to the acquisition of new hotels in the CBD.
Ruto, it must be mentioned, vehemently denied owning the Weston Hotel until photos were shared on social media of the DP inspecting the facility.

In the same interview with Mark Maasai, the DP denied owning some of the hotels he has been linked too.
So which hotels are owned William Ruto?

Former Dolphin Hotel
Two journalists were roughed up by security guards as they attempted to film a construction site of a hotel that has encroached on a public beach. Investigations revealed that the hotel is owned Ruto.

Weston Hotel
The DP had vehemently denied he owned the hotel until social media sleuths produced irrefutable evidence. Like the former Dolphin Hotel, Weston is said to have encroached on KCAA land.

680 Hotel
Located in the CBD, Six Eighty Hotel is another hotel that has been linked to the DP. According to BusinessToday, it was Ruto who orchestrated the demolition of Simmers Restaurant to create space for 680 Hotel parking space. Ruto has denied owning the prime property.

Boulevard Hotel
Another hotel said to be owned by the self styled hustler.