How To Become A Total Dealer In Kenya

How To Become A Total Dealer In Kenya
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Total service stations are classy, strategically located and boasts well trained personnel. The number of Total filling stations across the country are on the rise thanks to their popularity with motorists. The petrol stations have a café and a mini-supermarket. So how does one become a dealer? According to the multinational company, “Kenyans with energy, ideas and the spirit to set up their own business are invited to apply for a dealership at one of TOTAL’S leading service station”.

Who is legible to invest?

Interested applicants must be aged below 65 years.
Must be Kenyan citizens
Clean record
Experience is useful but not a pre-requisite as TOTAL provides continues training and technical support.

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Cost of starting A TOTAL

The working capital is between kes2 million to 20 million to finance the business. The required working capital depends on the size and complexity of the operation of the selected service station.

Size of Station

Staff size is between 2-65 depending on the size of the filling station.

Total partners with independent business people in running Total service stations as dealers by offering them financial supports. Beneficiaries of this programme must have worked in any of the Total service station and displayed skills in running oil business. Applicants can be given upto kes20 million.

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