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Steps On To How To Make Money On YouTube

By Eli Odaga

With the advent of coronavirus, many have thought of turning  to online jobs as the virus takes toll on formal employment, many being sent home on unpaid leave or complete dismissal thanks to the losses occasioned by the pandemic.

Among  the many online ways of making money is through ‘Youtube’ where one gets paid out of the content they create on the platform.

Advertisers partner with YouTube, the latter in turn shares the proceeds with  the content  creator.

To get started, a Gmail account is key. If you don’t have an account you will be needed to create one, which only requires a phone or PC connected  to the internet.

After creating  the Google account  you will proceed to coming up with a YouTube  channel, still using your PC which has been connected to the net.

How to create a YouTube Channel

Step 1: Create your channel (it will serve as your representation on the platform)

It should not be forgotten that each YouTube account is connected to a channel, and they operate in the same way as Google accounts.

You can choose unique key words that  will give the potential subscribers an easy time in finding  the channel.

Adding keywords can be done under the Channel Settings section. It is advisable  to come up with keywords that match the type of content you are yet to give.

Step 2: Proceed With Adding Content On The Newly Formed Channel

Upload content  with unarguable quality, the videos being  concise , that being dependent on the kind of content you chose to put up.

Adding content is the first step, being  consistent  being  another important  aspect. It tends not to look up at first  but with being regular in uploading  the  content, the course tends to be viable as time goes by.

Regular uploads  keeps you in touch with the existing audience, who will spread the word depending on the quality and consistency of your content. Always be sure to tag your keywords on every upload to maintain the brand that you are trying to come up with.

Step 3: Increase your Audience

After being consistent in posting content, the task that follows is to establish the base which your audience stands on. 

For money to come in, views  are key. The catch is maintaining  the existing subscribers and attracting more. That is achievable if the content on your channel is of good quality, and working on their feedback on the comment  section.

Step 4: Earn Real Money Out Of Your Content

This is where you had been so eager to get to. To begin earning out of the videos on your channel, you will be needed to enable monetization. This is simply allowing  the platform (YouTube) to adverts in the midst of your videos.

Importantly, allowing  ads on your videos suggest that the videos are devoid of any copyrighted material. To enable monetization, click on My Channel, select the ‘Video Manager’ link at the top bar, click on ‘Channel’ then Enable.

Step 5: Meet The YouTube Obligations

To begin earning money  from YouTube, you need a minimum watch time of 4000 hours and at least 1000 subscribers.

To earn from a video as you upload it, select on the Monetization tab and check the box with ‘Monetize with Ads’.

You can still earn  out of a video after uploading it, here the requirement is opening  the  Video Manager and then clicking on the ($) located next to the video.

Step 6: Create Google AdSense

All Google partners  are paid via Google AdSense service.

You  freely do it by registering and creating an account on the AdSense site.

Requirements for AdSense is attainment of 18 years and above, a bank or Paypal account, an active and valid mailing  address and other important  details needed by  AdSense to verify your identity and of the one you are to transact  with.

Step 7: Analytics

After creating  the channel, uploading  content, earning out of the content, etc, you can peacefully proceed to the analytics to check on the performance of individual videos and the channel in general.

Click on ‘Analytics’ in the Channel menu where you will be able to view your estimated earnings, video views, ad performance, demographics and much more.

With these tools, you can get to see how your uploaded content resonates with your audience.

Step eight: Market your content elsewhere

Don’t just post your videos on YouTube. You can establish a blog, create a website, or just post the links on your social media sites. Of course, the more the views, the better for you. By embedding the video or sharing the link, you will be increasing its chances of being noticed.

How does YouTube pay YouTubers?

So you’ve created several videos, and your YouTube channel is growing rapidly.

You’ve also noticed that the number of subscribers is increasing and you’re beginning to experience quality view statistics for every video.

Here are some of the ways in which you can earn on YouTube:

  1. Partner with YouTube and earn from the ads attached to your videos
  2. Earn on YouTube by selling merchandise or products
  3. Crowdfund the next creative project you intend to upload
  4. You can also use ‘fan funding’ that lets the audience support your efforts and work
  5. Get a license for your content
  6. Work with other brands as an affiliate or influencer

How much does YouTube pay for views?

First, it is important to note that YouTubers are paid by AdSense, as opposed to the general assumption that you’ll be paid with YouTube.

AdSense monetizes YouTube, and it is probably Google Inc’s most valuable asset. Notably, YouTube earnings are usually based on the cost per mille (CPM).

It generally stands for the cost for every 1,000 impressions you make.

Reportedly, YouTube CPM is about $7.6, so for every 1,000 views, you will earn $7.6.

So how much does YouTube pay per view? YouTubers earn about $0.0076 per view. This also depends on geo.

How much does YouTube pay in Kenya?

If you’ve been producing videos and haven’t yet earned from them, then chances are someone is cashing in on your behalf if you’ve already posted them on YouTube.

Before you begin getting paid, you need to have achieved the payment threshold.

The payment rate for YouTube content is constant in all countries eg 70. But depending on specific currencies, the amount to expect varies.

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