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Huku Yukei: I Make Up To Ksh17K Per Day Working As Supermarket Attendant In The UK, Invest The Money In Kenya

Popular Kenyan YouTuber living and working in the United Kingdom has shared how he makes in excess of Ksh17,000 working as a supermarket attendant. 

Huku Yukei, as he is popularly known, stated that this is his side hustle and he only does it when he has time and energy. 

He uses an app called Indeed Flex to source for work which only works in the UK. The YouTuber likened the app to Uber, only that it is for searching for jobs. 

According to Huku Yukei, supermarket jobs are plentiful especially during the Christmas period. 


He gets paid £11 per hour just over Ksh2,000 going by today’s exchange of Ksh194. And on a good day he makes about £100 from his side job, that’s just over Ksh20,000. 

Dress code 

Employees who use apps to get the jobs are referred to as agency workers. They are required to dress in black to be easily identifiable. 

His work includes stocking the shelves. 


They have a kitchen where the workers are allowed to eat what they want for free. They have microwaves to warm food and a well stocked fridge. 

Kenyans relocating to the UK

A number of agencies are taking Kenyans to the UK and other first world countries to work mostly in care homes.

While some find success, cases of Kenyans being left on their own devices once they arrive in these countries has been rife.

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