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Inside Michael Olunga’s Multi-Million Home In Homa Bay County

Michael Olunga, the talented Harambee Stars striker, has risen from humble beginnings in the rough neighborhood of Lucky Summer in Nairobi to enjoy a life of opulence.

His successful football career has not only brought him fame on the pitch but has also allowed him to amass great wealth.

Olunga’s financial success is evident through his luxurious properties, including a multi-million dollar home in Kabondo Kasipul, Homa Bay county, and his impressive collection of high-end vehicles.

WoK looks into Olunga’s journey to success and the extraordinary lifestyle he now leads.

The Journey to Success 

Olunga’s rise to prominence began while playing for the renowned Kenyan football club, Gor Mahia.

His exceptional skills and goal-scoring abilities attracted attention, leading to his signing with the Swedish team, Djugardens, in 2016.

Despite only spending one season there, Olunga made a significant impact, scoring 12 goals in 27 appearances.

His next venture took him to China, where he played for Ghuizhou Zhicheng before being loaned to Girona FC, a Spanish team.

Olunga’s impressive performances at Girona caught the eye of many, and in 2018, he was sold to Kashiwa Reysol in Japan.

It was in Japan where Olunga truly shone, scoring an astonishing 58 goals in 72 appearances and receiving the prestigious Golden Boot Award in the J1 League in 2020.

A Dream Home in Kabondo Kasipul

One of the symbols of Olunga’s financial success is his multi-million dollar home in Kabondo Kasipul, Homa Bay county.

Built with great care, the sprawling estate boasts a wall fence, a cabro paved driveway, and opulent houses that stand as a testament to his achievements.

Olunga takes pride in showcasing his estate on social media, reflecting the rewards of his hard work and investments.

Moreover, his compound includes a farm where he cultivates crops, highlighting his connection to his roots and his dedication to sustainable living.

Luxurious Rides and Extravagances

Olunga’s success is not confined to his impressive property.

He also enjoys the fruits of his labor through his collection of high-end vehicles.

Among his prized possessions is a luxurious Porsche Panamera, a statement of elegance and sophistication.

Additionally, he owns a Toyota Landcruiser 11 V8 executive, which further adds to his opulent lifestyle.

Contributing to the Community

Beyond his personal endeavors, Olunga is actively involved in running the Michael Olunga Football Academy (MOFA).

Located in his hometown of Othoro, the academy serves as a local sports mentorship foundation.

MOFA provides training and support for talented young athletes, nurturing their potential from a young age.

The academy has sought partnerships with institutions like Kisumu Day to expand its sports mentorship programs and reach more aspiring athletes.