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Jalango: Don’t Call Him Daddy Owen, Call Him The First-In-Law

  • Jalango seemed to confirm the relationship between Daddy Owen and Charlene Ruto

Daddy Owen is the man of the moment after rumors started swirling around that he is romantically involved with President William Ruto’s daughter Charlene. 

And to add more wood to the dating rumors, Langata MP Phelix Odiwuor, known to many Kenyans as Jalango, said that Daddy Owen should now be referred to as the First in Law.

“Daddy Owen muite (call him) the First-in-law” Jalango told the media. For emphasis, the legislator told the reporters to repeat after him the words ‘in-law’ adding that it is “mautamu tupu” (only sweetness). 

“..People don’t know Daddy Owen is one of my closest friends and he is big in charity”, Jalango said. 

He went on to add that Charlene is also big in charity and together with the System ya Kapungala hitmaker are in the process of opening foundations to assist the needy. 

“What I know of my two friends, Charlene (she’s also my good friend), wako katika mipango za kufanya mafoundation kusaidia wananchi”, he said. 

The Langata MP said their social media pages are similar as they push the same narrative of giving back to the community. 

“Kama kuna kitu ingine imeingilia hapo kati, kwa sababu hata tulipukua Kakamega wakati Charlene alikuja, mimi mwenyewe nilikuwa uko kama unafollow vizuri”, the comedian turned politician said.

“Hakukua na mambo eti oh Charlene amekuja oh mama, tulikuwa charity mingi hapa na pale”, he said. 

“Mungu anaisaida kwa kudanganya” Jalango said laughing.

Daddy Owen marriage

The award winning artiste divorced with his wife-Farida Wambui-after four years of marriage. Their marital woes played in the media as his ex-wife made a slew of demands including having all her photos and those of their children deleted from Daddy Owen’s social media pages.

The gospel artist fell into depression and has only bounced back after his relationship with the president’s daughter.

“2023 was a good year! I thank GOD! I had so many highlights, but the climax, the pinnacle and the crowning moment came at the tail end of the year when @charlruto visited my home in Eshieywe a.k.a Kakamega!” he wrote.

“We celebrated with songs, dance and ululations! Abhashiere came with their best dancing shoes to whirl to the real isikuti made from the tough ‘imbulu’ skin!”

“We ate various Abhatsotso tradition delicacies from ‘amakwakwata’ to ‘lhisebhebhe’…Ebhusang’ang’a village was happy, my mum was happy, she loves guests.. and the guests were happy as well,” he shared.

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