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James Apolloh Omenya: Kenyan University Student Hailed As Hero After Rescuing Tourists, Camp Staff From Floods

James Apolloh Omenya
James Apolloh Omenya rescued 14 tourists and 25 Kenyan staff from a flooded campsite. Photo/James Apolloh Omenya.

A Kenyan university student has been hailed as a hero after saving the lives of 14 international tourists and twenty-five Kenyan staff at a campsite.

James Apolloh Omenya woke up the tourists and the staff at 1:30 am when floods hit the camp.

James took them to higher ground on a raised water tank where they spent the night.

Kenyans led by Larry Madowo praised the freelance tour guide who is a student at Africa Nazarene University.

“When their camp got flooded at 1.30 am, 27-year-old James Apolloh Omenya woke up 14 international tourists + 25 Kenyan staff and took them to higher ground on these raised water tanks,”

“They were rained on until morning but he saved their lives. Later, he also swam to save someone who could not be reached by a chopper. The freelance tour guide is a student at Africa Nazarene University,” Larry posted.

Omenya told CNN they were rained on from 2 am to 5:30 am as planes sent to rescue them couldn’t get there on time.

“My driver and I were the first to wake up, so we woke up all the 14 international tourists and 25 staff and climbed ladders to some water tanks that are raised,”

“We were being rained on from around 2 a.m. to 5.30 a.m. but we couldn’t get out and the planes coming to rescue us couldn’t get in one time,” Omenya added.

Kenyans praised the young tour guide and driver for their bravery.

The young man has accomplished something of greater value than what Murkomen will ever achieve in his entire ministerial career. – Collins Ndua said.

God bless you, man… Heavens are happy – Logs Kaganje posted.

Quick thinking. God bless him. unlike the government of today wearing gumboots and aerial assessment of flood situation..bure kabisa – Wambui Jason said.

Tourist camps at Maasai Mara Reserve have been closed after River Talek burst its banks and swept through more than a dozen riverside tourist lodges and camps.

The Kenya Red Cross said it had rescued more than 90 people.