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James Muturi: Founder Of The Only Kenyan Company Producing Peanut Powder

James Muturi is the founder of Delish & Nutri, a Kenyan company involved in producing peanut powder.

The businessman explained that the peanut powder is ready to eat as it is precooked and used on differed foods.

Here is Muturi’s story as told by WoK.

Interest in Agribusiness

Before founding Delish and Nutri, Muturi was always interested in Agribusiness and he was engaged in exportation of farm produce.

He later moved to start his own business and launched Uno Peanut, a unique product in the market.

Uno Peanut as a product is peanuts that have been precooked and crushed into powder form.

“My journey started even before Uno Peanut because initially we were in a group where we were doing export of still farm produce so I’ve had passion of being in business

“The powder doesn’t have any additives added to it and it is precooked and in powder form making it easy to add in foods,” Muturi said.


Delish & Nutri is the only company in Kenya that has commercialized the production of peanut powder.

Interestingly, the company worked with the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) to formulate guidelines for peanut powder.

“We are the first company that has commercialized peanut powder, there’s no other company doing it. In fact, we worked with the KEBS to set up the guidelines,” Muturi said.

Muturi noted that the company works with local farmers for sourcing of raw material used in making their products.

“We take out products to different kiosks, shops and outlets in the informal areas while we work with different vendors in the markets,” he said.

On his business journey, Muturi hopes to achieve his goals in the coming years noting that he is currently focused on studying the market.

“Reflecting on my business journey, it’s a long term business and it may take more than one year or two years to achieve my goals

“Despite the planning that was there when the business was starting, you really need to focus on doing risk analysis and studying the market,” he said.