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Janei Muthoni: Single Mother Of Two Who Dropped Out Of School At 18 Now Running 3 Succesful Businesses

In a world where success stories often seem out of reach, there are exceptional individuals who have defied all odds and rise above their circumstances.

One such extraordinary figure is Janei Muthoni, a resilient and visionary entrepreneur who transformed her life from humble beginnings as a househelp to becoming the proud owner of not just one, but three successful businesses.

Here is her story as told by WoK.

Janei got married at 18 after dropping out of high school due to a case of an unplanned pregnancy, and by the time she was hitting 20, she had already birthed her second child.

However, her marriage crumbled six years later making her a single mother with no reliable source of income.

With empty pockets and nobody to help her raise her kids, her mother offered to take care of them as she left for Nairobi in search for a job.

With no academic qualifications, Janei had no option but look for casual jobs.

“I joined a Facebook group called, Nannies and House Helps, in 2018. Within the group, I actively sought job opportunities and secured a position as a house help in Kilimani,” she said.

With a Ksh 10,000 salary offer, Janei noted that she set a two-year timeframe to work in the role since she was not sure of what to do next.

She worked in Kilimani in 2019 and 2020 after which she branched out to look for an employer who would offer a higher monthly salary.

“However, this opportunity came with the condition that I couldn’t see my family for a whole year. Despite the headache of being separated from my children, I understand that great things often require sacrifices,” she said.

Janei worked at the household in a year before leaving to plan for her next step in life.

“I returned home to plan my next move. I was torn between using my savings to start a business or build a home for my mother and my children,” she said.

The mother of two opted to build a home for her mother and children, and as 2021 arrived she was broke again forcing her to look for a job.

After tarmacking for a while, Janei was fortunate to land a job as a dishwasher at a hotel along Ngong Road.

“I had always taken pride in my cooking skills, one day I approached the owner and requested permission to prepare a meal. To my surprise, the clients loved the food and I was instantly promoted to the position of main cook,” she said.

A while later, Janei quit the job over salary issues and established Msoo’s Kitchen where she would prepare food and deliver to offices along Ngong Road, Westlands and the CBD.

“I’m unsure how it happened, but I believe hard work is rewarding. My business experienced rapid growth, and there were days I received up to 50 orders. Some offices even contracted me to prepare meals for their staff,” she said.

By October 2022, the business was doing good and she established her second business, Msoo’s Perfect Fit KE, selling second-hand shoes.

In 2023, Janei went on to establish her third business; Travelearn Tours, targeting small entrepreneurs.

“One should never despise their humble beginnings or compare themselves to others. It’s crucial to have a plan, work hard and envision where you want to be,” she said.