Jared Otieno Net Worth, Houses, Cars And People He Is Accused Of Conning

Jared Otieno Net Worth, Houses, Cars And People He Is Accused Of Conning
Jared Otieno aka Smith Mackenzie Is An Alleged Fraudster Photo/NMG

The year is 2015 and a little-known ‘businessman’ is about to become an overnight sensation. Jared Otieno, alias Mr Smith Mackenzie, is about to marry Kendi Mwiti but he has to sort the little issue of dowry. He hires a chopper just to do that and the media loves every minute of it. Mr Otieno becomes the toast of the media. He is baptized as a ‘flamboyant businessman without a bother of finding out which this business he engages in. Bloggers share his photos with interesting titles to describe a man who is now under investigation for fraud.

Mingling With Politicians
The template is a copypaste of today high fliers whose source of wealth is suspect. They love the company of politicians. For example, when Mr Jared Otieno was in Meru to settle his dowry-he was accompanied by Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o (then senator), Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi (then senator) and former cabinet minister Chris Obure. Other moneyed ‘businessmen’ who find validity by associating with politicians in their corner corner dealings include Don Bosco Gichana and Zaheer Jhanda.

Jared Otieno’s Homes
He lives the life of the very rich and famous. His house in Lavington and Karen can attest to this. According police officers attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Mr Otieno bought his Karen house for a whopping Kes110 million shillings-in cash. The house, aptly referred to as white house, imbues class, opulence and money.

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Kileleshwa house
According to a blog associated with Robert Alai, the suspected swindler has a house in Kileleshwa that is guarded by officers drawn from the GSU. This is where suspicious gold dealings take place. DCI officers towed eight high end cars from the compound and carted documents from the premises.

Mr Otieno drives a customized kes30 million Porsche and a Bentley among other cars.

Source of wealth And Number of People He Is Accused Of Defrauding
DCI boss George Kinoti told Capital FM of the man under their custody:

“…….He is part of a wider gang and we are still pursuing others. These people are harmful to the economy since they are selling what does not exist…”

“They have wreaked havoc on many people. This is a criminal enterprise and we are determined to dismantle it…”

It takes balls of steel to even imagine defrauding a member of the UAE royal family. Such an elaborate scheme has the potential of creating a rift between the two countries, especially when the fraudsters worked in cahoots with state officials. This is what happed after a well-connected web of fraudsters that includes Jared Otieno allegedly conned the royal family Kes250 million after promising they will deliver 23 tonne of gold.

Mr Christian Gallati- Austrian national
He lost a sum of €127,000 (Sh13.7 million) on May 1, 2015 in a gold scam orchestrated by Mr Otieno who was known to the victim as Mr Smith Mackenzie. Mr Otieno accomplice, Mr Kevin Obia alias Kevin Kleigh, is facing charges of pretending he could sell 7kg of gold to Mr Gallati for which he obtained the Sh13.7 million during a meeting at a hotel in Nairobi city centre. The case still drags on.

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Mr Simon Aldofo Franco Ortega-Venezuela national
The Venezuelan national has been reduced to a pauper after Mr Otieno in collision with other fraudsters allegedly defrauded him kes170 million with a false story that he had sold his land for $15 million.

Company he owns
He is the founder and CEO of Express Feeders LTD. He also doubles as the Chairman Board of Directors of Express Feeders Group. According to company’s blog, the company is involved in transportation, manufacturing and shipping.

Net Worth Of Jared Otieno
Jared Otieno net worth can be in excess of kes1 billion.

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