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Jaymo Ule Msee Biography, Real Name, Education, Character, Career, YouTube Earnings And Brand Endorsements

By Prudence Minayo

Social media has created a platform for a lot of content creators. Gone are the days when actors on TV were considered the only big names. Today, a lot of entertainers are taking advantage of social media to share content and one such person is Jaymo Ule Msee. He went from having barely 50 views to having thousands of followers watching his clips on Facebook and Youtube. This wasn’t an easy ride as it had to take him a lot hardwork and of course consistency. The entertainer posted video after video until he got his big break. A break that has seen him work with big brands in Kenya and attract a massive following in the region. He has been interviewed by leading media houses in Kenya. This is his story:

Real Name

The comedian’s real name is Wilson Muirania Gathoni. He chose the moniker Jaymo for comedy since he felt it would resonate much better with people in the hood because “Wilson that guy” didn’t feel right.


Wilson attended both primary and secondary school in Kiambu. He later joined the University of Nairobi for a Degree in Political Science and Economics and graduated in 2008.


The Jaymo character tells real life situations in a hilarious way. In one of his trending videos, a guy invites a girl for a date only for her to show up with a whole lot of her girlfriends, which is typical of some Kenyan lasses. The way the characters are portrayed and their actions are a typical example of the real happenings. Therefore, Jaymo’s content is relatable and this is the reason why his fans adore him.


From a young age, he loved entertaining people. In high school, he had a squad that used to entertain people using pranks and music. At one point, he was even suspended from school for a whole term for inciting protests. Later, he went back focused and passed his exams which saw him get a chance at University of Nairobi.

At the University, he met a friend called Masai and together they did skits to entertain their fellow students. Upon graduating, he joined one of the biggest banks in Kenya and was posted in a rural branch. He quit the job after a few months and started operating his website called ‘whatshappening’ that focused on current affairs. The website was bought by Nation Media Group and he was hired to work for NTV in the digital division. He quit NTV to join ‘Squad digital’, which is an award winning marketing agency, as a digital accountant manager. He went on to quit the advertising agency.

In 2015, he started ‘Ujinga Saucer’ where he and the friend would sit in the living room and analyze situations from a silly point of view. In March 2015 he introduced the “Jaymo ule Msee” character. This character has become so famous among many Kenyans and Wilson is able to live a comfortable life thanks to his creativity. In a past interview with Larry Madowo on NTV, he said comedy pays as long as you’re consistent. If you’re consistent, brands will notice and offer you deals. He further insisted that education is important even if most people choose career paths far removed from what they studied. This is because it can act as a great back up plan and also opens up your mind to a new world. 

YouTube Earnings

Jaymo has a total of 71,500. By the time of writing this post, the comedian has uploaded 165 videos which have over 7 millions views.

His earnings via ke.youtubers.me

Date Views Estimated earnings
21.04.2020 Tue +269,042 $ 100 – $ 605
07.04.2020 Tue +1,134,776 $ 425 – $ 2.55K
24.02.2020 Mon +130,229 $ 48 – $ 293
21.02.2020 Fri +118,488 $ 44 – $ 266
18.02.2020 Tue +293,015 $ 109 – $ 659
13.02.2020 Thu +65,017 $ 24 – $ 146
11.02.2020 Tue +12,019 $ 4 – $ 27
10.02.2020 Mon +56,613 $ 21 – $ 127
09.02.2020 Sun +11,073 $ 4 – $ 24
08.02.2020 Sat +73,078 $ 27 – $ 164
05.02.2020 Wed +7,789 $ 2 – $ 17
04.02.2020 Tue +54,678 $ 20 – $ 123
31.01.2020 Fri +19,124 $ 7 – $ 43
30.01.2020 Thu +23,378 $ 8 – $ 52


 Jaymo has worked with top brands which include:

  • Kenya Commercial Bank
  • Safaricom
  • Miss Politician, a campaign to tell the struggles women in politics go through.