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Jemutai Biography, Age, Education, Career And Family

Comedienne Jemutai, real name Stella Bunei Koitie, ranks among the best comedians in Kenya. The ease with which she delivers her punchlines and connects with the ever demanding audience is the work of a master. Jemutai has popularised her signature outfit- a headscarf, jacket and a gourd of mursik ( a traditional fermented type of milk in the kalenjin community). Her stage name’ jemutai ‘ is given to a baby girl who is born at dawn (“Mutai”).


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Education and Career

After completing high school, Jemutai chose to do Information Technology at Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology. She secured an internship position at Kengen Olkaria as an IT support technician, but since it wasn’t her passion, she abandoned it and started chasing her real passion which is comedy. Her entry into comedy was inspired by Teacher Wanjiku and David The Student on Churchill Live as she found their performances to be very interesting and inspiring.

On her career

The talented Jemutai told Buzz magazine of her entry to comedy;

I auditioned for 10 months straight without any success, every Tuesday my mother gave me fare from Embakasi and taxi money to go back.

The Carnivore, where we shoot Churchill, became a second home, I knew everyone, the watchman, and the camera men even the waiters. Initially I was auditioning as Stella but my act was not convincing.

Nonetheless I kept going back and the judges kept encouraging me to develop a character that will help me execute my comedy.

At some point I was about to give up and on October 20th 2015 I came for what was to be my last audition, after that I was to quit. However that week I was picked and October 22nd 2015 was my first show ever.


The comedian revealed that the father of her two children is Professor Hammo. The two have a boy and girl. According to damning revelations shared by the comedienne on Edgar Obare’s platform, Hamo is a deadbeat dad who has never provided for his family. 

She shared this one Facebook:

“My name is Jemutai and I am comedian and a mother of two. I am a single mother and life is becoming even harder every day. I have lots of rent arrears. I have no other choice so I am selling my Facebook account to anyone in business, it has over 850K followers…it goes for 2Bob per follower. I want to be able to start business and take care of my kids,” said Jemutai.

“Yes he is, we have two kids together…he doesn’t support his kids at all”