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Jerusalem City: Inside Apostle Ng’ang’a’s New Mega Project In Kajiado 

  • Jerusalem City has constructed a mega-church in the city, which has about 70 children in grades 1-4

While speaking about his plans, he announced that the city would be built on a 50-acre piece of land he had purchased three years ago. 

Apostle James Nganga is arguably one of the most controversial yet wealthiest evangelists in Kenya. 

Earlier this year, the man of cloth announced plans to build a new city within the next 10 years. 

Ng’anga, who founded the Neno Evangelism Centre, told The Standard that the city would be built at Nkatatei in Kajiado County and that it would be dubbed Jerusalem City.

Multi-Million Project

The multi-million project is located on a large farm in Kajiado where the man of cloth allegedly spends time whenever he is not in his city church. 

The name Jerusalem was an inspiration from when he visited Israel in 2007. 

While there, he bought a small stone. In subsequent prayers, he vowed that if God blessed him, he would build Him a house of worship.  

Ng’ang’a said he had already constructed a mega-church in the city, which already has about 70 children in grades 1-4, whom he feeds and gives uniforms and shoes. 

While speaking about his plans, he announced that the city would be built on a 50-acre piece of land he had purchased three years ago. 

Other Facilities

According to Ng’ang’a,  those who will be attending the mega-church would have access to facilities such as a hotel, a shopping mall, a bank, and an institution of higher learning such as a college or university. 

He said they were already building a hotel there where people would have a place to eat as they attended prayer services and night payers.

He said the church would also be used by congregants who will be attending normal church services. 

While appealing to partners in the mission, Nganga added that he had already sunk three boreholes and built a 1.5-kilometer murram road.

So far, he said around 250 people had already booked the place for prayer services every Wednesday to Sunday. 

“Each Sunday after the church service I give relief food to about 200 worshippers who come to worship in this church. 

I am appealing to more partners to come and join me in building the new city here,” he stated. 

Mixed Reactions

In November 2022, Ng’ang’a elicited mixed reactions after announcing new charges for prayers and fasting in his mega-church. 

In a banner that made rounds on social media, the man of cloth stated that the charges would range from Ksh500 to Ksh2,000 per night. 

The post elicited wild reactions, with some netizens wondering why they were required to pay for prayers. 


Aside from the Megachurch, the televangelist runs other projects on the Kajiado farm. 

According to a video shared earlier this year on Facebook via his media station Sasa TV, the farm thrives with various crops, mostly maize and tomatoes. 

In the video, Nganga visited the farm to confirm that the tomatoes were ready for harvest.

He plucked some tomatoes and showcased them on the camera to show they were ready.

He also showed some sukuma wiki and Spinach. 

He also has a greenhouse on his farm, where he has installed drip irrigation systems. 

Other property

Aside from Jerusalem city, Ngang’a’s other properties include Sunny Hill Hotel in Naivasha and a posh house in the leafy Karen suburbs. 

He also owns a fleet of luxury vehicles, which include a Range Rover, a Mercedes, a Toyota Land Cruiser, and a Toyota Harrier. 

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