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Jim Nduruchi: Man Behind Kenya’s Highest Earning YouTube Channel Making Up To Ksh 82 Million

CashNet USA, an online lender, recently released a report showing the top-earning YouTube channels in Africa.

While other social media platforms gain huge traction, YouTube is the most visited website on the internet after Google with 14.3 billion views per month.

With creating and sharing content on YouTube, creators have been earning revenue from the platform since 2007.

As such, Africa is not left behind, while Egypt’s Creative Crafts in Five Minutes is the highest earning channel in Africa, RUS Love in Kenya has dominated Kenya.

Here is the story as told by WoK.

RUS Love in Action

According to CashNet, Rise Up Society (RUS) Love in Action is the highest earning YouTube channel in Kenya making Ksh 82 million.

According to YouTube, the channel was created on May 10, 2017 in Kenya. It boasts over 250,000 subscribers and 323 million views from 459 videos.

The YouTube channel is a backup for their main channel, Jim Nduruchi RUS, which was terminated by YouTube in June 2021.

Jim Nduruchi

Rise Up Society (RUS) is a anti-jigger charity organization spearheaded by Jim Nduruchi who serves as the director.

When the anti-jigger campaign was launched by Ahadi Trust in 2008, RUS was among charity organizations that joined the campaign.

Nduruchi would travel to remote areas where he would film videos of jigger removal and upload on his YouTube channel.

Jim also participated in the 2017 General Elections making him a popular face in parts of the vast Western Kenya.

He contested for Bungoma gubernatorial seat as an independent candidate back in 2017 and emerged number four.