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Jonathan Moi Net Worth, Companies He Owned

Estimated Net Worth: Shs30 Million
Country of Origin: Kenya
Source of Wealth: Farming, Real Estate And Insurance Brokerage

Former President Danial arap Moi first born son, Jonathan Moi, died Friday evening (read 19/04/2019). The family spokesman Lee Njiru requested Kenyans to respect “their privacy at this mourning period of their beloved kin” as they wait for a detailed statement on Sunday. Little was known about Jonathan until his name was linked to the vicious murder of Julie Wards in September 1988. Julie trial dragged for years even after a Swiss TV crew had reported of rumors that the avid rally driver had been spotted at Masai Mara National
Game Reserve where Julie had been murdered.

This is a classic case of the many high profile murders that go unresolved.

Business Interests of Jonathan Moi
Moi kept a low profile and his attempt on politics ended rather prematurely after he was trounced when he vied for the Eldama Ravine parliamentary seat in 2002.

Late last year, Gideon was entangled in a legal battle pitting the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and his company Ankhan Holdings Limited. He lost the case after the court found he had sold 1,000 acres of public land at kes70 million on May 16,1994.
In another ongoing case, broke billionaire Cyrus Jirongo claimed that he gave Jonathan kes7 million before he used his upper Hill land to secure to secure a Sh50 million loan from Postbank Credit Limited.

Jonathan Moi Net Worth, Companies He Owned
Ex-President Moi Divorced His Wife In 1974 Photo/Citizen TV

Relationship with his late father

Moi had a tumultous relationship with his eldest son Jonathan. Their differences brewed from the little kept secret that he favoured Gideon over the other children. Nation writer Jonathan Kamau-in an article titled Jonathan-Lena and the untold story of Moi’s troubled family-wrote of the troubled former First family:

“……the source of acrimony by the siblings, according to informed sources, was that the running of the multi-billion-shilling empire that Moi built during his 24-year presidency had been left in the hands of Gideon with only a few properties left to the other children….” part of the article read. 

The ex-President went on to separate with his wife Lena Moi and took his children with him but Jonathan-who was 20 then- opted to remain behind with his mother.

The same writer says this issue would create “a wedge between him, his father and the siblings”

The Baringo senator Gideon Moi was however in charge of his brother funeral and even issued a statement when his brother passed on. His statement read:

We the family of H.E Mzee Moi confirm the sad news on the passing on of Jonathan Toroitich.

Jonathan will be remembered for his daring exploits in the racing tracks, in muddy and dusty tracks, during this time of Easter.

He was amiable, social and down – to – earth and industrious human being.

We are distraught as family and we ask for your prayers and seek your understanding and indulgence to allow us mourn privately.

We will continue to inform Kenyans on need basis and further arrangements.

Hon. Senator Gideon Moi