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Joost Tampers: From Holland To Establishing One Of The Best Yoghurt Brand In Kenya

Joost Timpers from Netherlands is the founder of Laki Laki, a dairy business which has been in existence for the last 10 years.

Timpers first came to Kenya in 2004 when he was involved with voluntary work; eight years before setting up Laki Laki.

Here is his story as told by WoK.

While doing voluntary work in Kenya, Tampers saw an opportunity in the Kenyan market and sought to use his skills and knowledge to add value.

He started a foundation where he worked with Kenyan entrepreneurs to give them easy access to microcredit among other business support.

“I came to Kenya in 2004. At the time I was doing voluntary work and I found out that with my skills and knowledge I can really add value

“I started a foundation called The Foundation of Africa Friends and with that foundation I tried to help entrepreneurs in Kenya with microcredit and things like that,” he said.

Laki Laki

Come 2012, Tampers ventured into the manufacturing business fully and founded Laki Laki.

While starting up, he would buy milk from a children’s home, make yoghurt and other dairy products and sell them to hotels.

“I believe in being a social entrepreneur and that means that companies do mot exist to make money but because they want to make an impact in the society

“This is by making healthy food, create employment or to generate income for farmers. That’s the reason why I started Laki Laki; to make an impact,” Tampers said.

In an interview with Utmost Precision, Tampers also explained how they have managed to differentiate themselves from other players in the dairy market.

“Our products have low sugar and high proteins giving high nutrition value, it really differentiates us from other dairies brands. Customers are really appreciative of these nutritional value

“We also use reusable glass jars which can be brought back to the factory, cleaned properly and refilled,” he added.

Working with Kenyan farmers

Tampers also took pride in working with local farmers to source their fruit pulp among other raw materials.

This is different from the past where the company had to order fruit pulp from processors in Europe or South Africa.

“In the past we were buying fruit pulp from a processor in Europe of South Africa but there’s a huge difference between fruit pulp bought abroad and the ones that are locally sourced

“We try to be low in sugar as possible and because the fruits in Kenya have so much sweetness itself, we don’t need to add sugar,” he said.


Laki Laki has a variety of dairy products including probiotic yoghurt drinks which are made in vanilla, strawberry and goji berry flavors.

They also make greek yoghurt in natural, blueberry, mango-passion and raspberry flavors, which are sold in 100ml, 450ml, 700ml and 5 litre bulk packaging.

They also make labneh, a traditional cream cheese made by draining greek yoghurt for 48 hours in linen cloths.

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