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Jovial Profile: The Talented Songbird Who Made Lulu Hassan Sweat

By Prudence Minayo

Juliet Miriam Ayub, real name Jovial, is arguably the most bankable female artist in Kenya this year. She has a mellow voice, her lyrical content is rich and she has the moves. Her latest release ‘Mi Amor’ featuring the equally talented Marioo is the most played song in the country and commands over ten million views on YouTube and counting. Tik Toker David Moyas further popularized the song in Kenya and beyond. 

Here is her profile as compiled by WoK.

About the artist

She was born in 1992 in Mombasa. The name Jovial stems from her childhood days  when everyone including her teachers would comment on how she was always happy. 

Music career 

She has credited her deceased mother for being an inspiration in her musical journey. 

“My earliest musical influence was my mother. I used to admire her when she was singing in the church choir and this is how she inspired me to start singing. As a single mother, she used to sing whether in high or low spirits and it consoled her. As they say, music soothes the soul. It still comforts me even as I mourn her loss. Music gives me the strength to face another day,” she quoted by the media.  

Jovial was part of the church choir. She was also the school lead singer and took part in music festivals. 

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Releasing her first song

Jovial released her first song, in 2016 and it was named Unakosa Raha. The song was a success and thrust the Jovial on the entertainment map. It was played on TVs, radios and even featured in a few blogs. Everyone was talking about the beautiful lyrical genius and her enchanting vocals.

What followed was the release of Kila la Heri and Chanda Chema. The songs were also received well by the public and she built a huge fan base.  Madmiles Entertainment signed her in July 2017.  Her biggest project with Madmiles was  released in February 2018. She has also featured and worked with some of the biggest music stars in the country including Jua Cali, Otile Brown and Arrow Boy.

In East Africa, her role models are the likes of Lina and Nandy from Tanzania.  


  • Gubu
  • Deejay
  • Amor ft Otile Brown
  • Unakosa Raha
  • Dekeza ft Arrow bwoy
  • Zichune ft Otile Brown
  • Niache Niende

Video with Rashid Abdalla 

The video of singer Jovial gyrating suggestively towards popular news anchor Rashid Abdalla during his birthday caused quite a stir on social media. Lulu Hassan quickly cut the singer from getting near her husband. A section of social media moral cops came out guns blazing to rebuke her for her actions. 

The entertainer said the insults were from people with their own insecurities. She said as an entertainer all she did was perform and make big bucks out of it. She revealed that Rashid and Lulu are her bosses and people should fix their homes instead of criticizing her.