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Joy Kendi Biography, Age, Background and Education, Career and Personal Life

Joy Kendi is an influential Kenyan lifestyle blogger and fashion icon. She has a YouTube channel with a massive following where she dishes out tips on lifestyle and fashion. She is an inspiration to a lot of creatives who are in love with her content, amazing fashion sense and of course her to die for figure.

Joy is bold, daring and fierce and her fashion depicts the same. Blogging for her has been a journey with one of her biggest hurdles is companies taking her content seriously. She started at a time when blogging was fairly new and most companies were still relying on other advertisement channels. 


She was born on 22nd September 1988. 

Background & Education

At the age of 6, she moved to the United States with her parents. She came back to Kenya in 2009. She was always interested in fashion even as a young girl. Upon completing high school, she tried getting into design but most of the schools she applied to were not offering scholarships yet she could not afford the fees. After college, she began styling but quit within a few months to begin blogging. 

She attended United States International University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. 


Kendi was a cast member of Changing Times and this gave her a platform since at that point she was an upcoming blogger. She had taken her friend to audition for a role but instead ended up landing it. 

She has been the face of an international fashion brand, hidesign. At the time, the happy lass broke the news through her social media page. The brand produces Maasai inspired bags and she was featured as one of the models. This is a big brand that started nearly four decades ago and currently boasts more than 84 exclusive stores with a distribution network in 23 countries. 

Joy Kendi Biography, Age, Background and Education, Career and Personal Life
Joy Kendi In A Swimsuit Image/Courtesy

She launched a YouTube career nearly 10 years ago and has inspired a lot of creatives. Kendi has videos on a number of things including travel vlogs that have garnered thousands of views.

In 2020, she finally launched her own fashion line named Itikadi. The fashion line is made up of gorgeous Palazzo pants and comfy kimonos. 

“This collaboration centered on a lounge-wear look that is versatile in all ways, from an indoor chilled look to outdoor practicality. The main inspiration was comfort, this is not only on the quality but on the detailing which references the need to be comfortable with who we are,” she said.

The clothes retail from Ksh3,000.

Personal Life

She has spoken about her weight loss before. At one point, she was 80kg and uncomfortable with the weight. Thanks to a good nutritionist, she lost the excess weight and has since worked to maintain her weight. 

She has also been said to be in a relationship with Philippe Bresson whom she met on Changing Times.