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Juliani’s Multi-Million Building Demolished Hours After Getting Notice

Juliani says the Dandora Hip Hop City building has been demolished for being close to the river. Photo: Juliani X.

Rapper Julius Owino, well known as Juliani, has revealed that his project, Dandora Hip Hop City, has been demolished.

The demolition was carried out by the government in the ongoing process of reclaiming riparian land in Nairobi County.

Dandora Hip Hop City is a hub for the youth and women to showcase and grow their talents.

Juliani and Dandora Hip Hop City shared photos and videos of the demolition on social media.

They said they have lost hope and are in pain as their kids and artists now have no home.

They also blamed the government for failure to communicate the demolition and for no negotiation to save the building

“No communication. No negotiation,”

“They have demolished our space, as mentioned we are 24m close to the river. Our community is in pain, our artists and kids are left with no other home, we are losing hope,” they said.

Juliani said the demolition hurt him as he expected to expand the building and develop the area.

“This is not the end but inauma Sana,”

“To think that we were working on expanding to the neighbouring spaces and upgrading the facility,” he said.

Juliani bought the building seven years ago.

According to the Ministry of Interior, the building is near a river.

Juliani and Hip Hop City both posted emotional statements on social media decrying the demolition order.

“Gotten word that our community centre Dandora Hip Hop City is being demolished. The whole 2-storey building. Yes, it’s close to a river. We purchased the building more than 7 years ago,” Juliani said.

Dandora Hip Hop City said they got the demolition notice as they are 30 metres close to the river.