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Julius Mwale: Kenyan Billionaire To Open Another Hamptons Hospital In Botswana

Billionaire businessman Julius Mwale has announced plans to expand his Hamptons Hospital to Botswana.

The founder of Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC) announced the expansion following a meeting with President Eric Masisi.

Mwale was in the country to attend the Forbes Under 30 Summit when he held discussions with Botswana’s president.

Masisi noted that medical tourism is one of the prospective areas of collaboration with Hamptons Hospital.

As earlier reported on WoK, Mwale recently held a meeting with Sierra Leon President Julius Bio to discuss extension of his tech business in the country. 

In a press release in October 2022, MMTC announced the expansion, further informing of an investment tour into the West African country by a delegation led by Mwale.

MMTC announced plans to invest in a smart city with focuses on agriculture, healthcare, energy, transportation and manufacturing.

In May 2022, Mwale announced a partnership with an American firm to build a battery firm in DR Congo.

The US Engineering and infrastructure firm KE International enlisted Mwale as one of its partners in the project.

In a statement, Mwale said the battery plant will power smart cities in Kenya and other countries across Africa by providing electric power storage batteries.

“We are investing in building a 16 Gigawatt (16 terawatt) battery manufacturing plant in the DRC, to help power our smart cities in Kenya and the rest of Africa,” he said.

Mwale said he reached the deal during a global conference with a number of financiers including partners for the upcoming project.

“The new partnerships will enable us to expand Mwale Medical tourism city model across Africa, where we have secured 18 locations for smart cities expansion,” he said.

The battery plant will be constructed next to Cobalt and Nickel mines belonging to the Kenyan tycoon.


Mwale Medical and Technology City is a community-owned sustainable metropolis located in Butere, Kakamega, Kenya.

is built with 100% sustainable sources of energy including hundreds of solar-powered streetlights already brightening up freshly paved roads, as well as the completed solar power plant that produces clean electricity for the city from the sun.

It also contains a 36-hole golf resort with 4,800 private residences along the golf course.

It’s the first fully integrated development plan of its scale, and it is being implemented without relocating the local community.

Instead, the homes of local community members are being upgraded to international standards with running water and electricity.

It has a 5000-bed state-of-the-art hospital, Hamptons Hospital, which will be able to serve 12,000 patients daily.