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June Onguko Matindu: From A Sukuma Wiki  Seller To Top CEO In The US

Kenyans living abroad are doing exceptionally well in various fields. This includes setting up successful businesses as is the case with June Onguko Matindu, a successful realtor based in Texas. 

Here is her story as told by WoK.

Entrepreneurship journey 

From a young age, she has always been interested in entrepreneurship. While in school, she would sell skari nguru to fellow students during break time. This entrepreneurial mindset would follow her even after high school. She started selling sukuma wiki and charcoal. 

Moving to the US 

In 1998, June Onguko got a chance to move to the United States. She went on to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Business Management followed by a Masters degree. 

Real Estate Business 

She worked in a corporation for a while but was not interested in it. When she gave birth to her daughter, she finally decided to get into business and ventured into the Texas real estate scene. 

Today, she has worked in the industry for about 18 years. She helps people who want to invest in properties for both commercial and residential use though a big chunk of her clients have been residential buyers. 


According to her, both citizens and non-citizens can buy property in the United States either with cash or working out a financial plan. Even international clients can gain access to certain funding. 

For nearly two decades, the realtor has delivered properties to happy clients, most of whom are full of glowing references for her.

Speaking to Chams Media, some of her clients expressed satisfaction with working with her. Some had even bought more than one property using her services and were planning to buy more with her company. 


On average, she sells four to five houses a month which translates to about sixty a year. Though most of their property goes for more than USD400,000, they also help clients with USD300,000 and as much as USD10 million.

Most of her clients have bought houses using financial lenders. They help clients gain access to the best lenders and the best financial plans. 


In the beginning, she started the business on her own but has eventually joined with a small team including her husband and daughter. While she works with clients, her husband takes care of the day to day running of the business. 

The entrepreneur said America has taught her that hard work, consistency and loyalty pays. 

“I’ve learned there are no shortcuts to success but if you are determined and you follow your heart and you work hard on your dreams, you can achieve your dreams,” she said.