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Kadda Sheekoff Lift $65,000 To Support Artists in Kenya

Kadda Sheekoff, real name Gregory Pierre, is putting his money where his mouth is. The Haitian socialite and entrepreneur has made a number of money mistakes over the years, however, he’s working hard to get out of the mess he made. He has been around the music industry for a long time, but let’s be honest: not everyone is a fan. Not only Kadda Sheekoff had beef with a long list of Haitian celebs, but he’s also had some financial issues that have marred an otherwise impressive career.

The artist gained media attention after the release of his single “All My Life”
He’s from Haiti, but why investing in Kenyan artists?

Kenya is a country in East Africa with coastline on the Indian Ocean, which is really far away from Haiti.

Haiti is a Caribbean country that shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic to its east. In 1681 there were 2,000 African slaves in the future Saint Domingue; by 1789 there were almost half a million. While the French were in control of their new territory of Saint Domingue, they held a caste system which covered both whites and free colored people. but still!! why Kadda Sheekoff want to invest $65,000 in Kenyan Artists?

According to the American Website Influencive, Kadda Sheekoff helps young Haitian actors and musicians set their feet towards attaining their goals with the right guidance and encouragement.

He is a fan of King Kaka, Jua Cali, Ayub Ogada and Wangechi.

“It’s really about investing in my black people. Trying to arm them with what they need to live healthy and happy lives. When I was younger in Haiti, I didn’t have a lot of resources. When my parents grew up, they didn’t have the means to give us preventative healthcare, either. In my household, you were either “fine, sick or injured.”

The first two, you better get up and go to school or work. Fight through it. If you were injured, that’s when we’d go to the doctor. And that’s no fault to them. Between costs and access – seeing a doctor often wasn’t realistic. So I want to invest in helping my folks have that access – and have the power to give that access to others, I’m Haitian I know that, but my Grand parents where slave from Africa. I helped Haitian artists, Actors and actresses, Now it’s time to give back to my African people Kadda Sheekoff explains.