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Kalembe Ndile Wife, Children and What They Will Inherit

Kalembe Ndile was a vocal politician whose sense of humor was unmatched. He exuded a lot of confidence and would always give his opinions in relation to a number of subjects. The man, who started at the very bottom, grew to become a successful and wealthy politician. He entered into the political world in 2002 after clinching the Kibwezi West seat via the National Rainbow Coalition (NARC) party. His life was cut short at just 57 while he was undergoing treatment at Nairobi Hospital where he succumbed to his ailments. 


Despite living in the limelight for a long time, Kalembe managed to keep his family from the public eye. Ndile married his wife Magdalene Kalembe years ago in a church ceremony. He was still very young during the nuptials as is evidenced by a photo that was shared online of the couple exchanging their vows. 

Following his death, his family led by wife Magdalene Kalembe have clashed with wiper party officials citing they do not want the funeral to be turned into a political circus. Wiper party Members of County Assembly (MCAs) wanted to take charge of the event and part of their plan was to have Ndile’s casket wrapped in the party’s flag and another hoisted during the funeral. 

The family had earlier on requested the politicians led by the president and his deputy to help raise the Ksh 8 million funeral budget which included 1.5 million and Ksh680,000 bills owed to Nairobi hospital and Lee funeral home respectively. 


Kalembe Ndile Wife, Children and What They Will Inherit
Kalembe Ndile beautiful daughter Lucyanne Richards Image/Courtesy

The former parliamentarian has left behind 10 biological children and 6 adopted ones. 

Kalembe Ndile Wife, Children and What They Will Inherit
Kalembe Ndile’s daugher Lucyanne Richards Image/Courtesy

What they will Inherit

Having started out an impoverished man, Kalembe turned his fortunes around and acquired property that will be passed down to his wife and children. Some of his properties include:

  • Water Park Hotel which comprises a hotel and a number of recreational facilities. At one point, he accused Mike Sonko and his friends of owing him hotel bills to the tune of millions.
  • Apartments in Mlolongo township
  • Construction business which had been awarded a number of tenders. 

He also owned a house and a number of cars.