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Kamau Chege: Founder Of Family Owned Eastmatt Supermarket

In Brief

  • Eastmatt Supermarket is owned by Kamau Chege
  • It was founded in 1990 in Mau Narok 

Eastmatt Supermarket is one of the most successful retailers in Kenya. Unlike Naivas and Quickmart, the family owned supermarket has been slow in opening new branches. Founded in 1990 by Kamau Chege in Mau Narok as Eastleigh Mattresses LTD, it has gone on to open branches across the country. 

Here is what WoK has gathered about this retailer. 


Eastmatt became a household name when it took over the space formerly occupied by Tuskys supermarket along Tom Street in Nairobi. 

The retailer is strategic when it comes to scouting for location for its stores. The outlets are near bus termini-to tap the population of people using public transport to commute. 


In 1994, the supermarket chain opened its first branch in Nairobi Eastleigh Estate. Four years later, the retailer opened another branch along River Road. 

The growth did not stop there. In 2004, they opened store number three at Mfangano street, Nairobi. 

The fourth Supermarket was opened in 2007. It is this year that the supermarket rebranded to ‘Eastmatt’, ‘EAST’ being an acronym for Eastleigh and ‘MATT’ for Mattresses. 

They went on to open the 5th branch in Tala in 2010. A year later, the 6th branch was opened in Mwea. 

In April 2014, Tom Mboya branch became the home of Eastmatt Supermarket and yet another branch in Kajiado town on 11th December 2014.

The 9th branch was opened in Gilgil Town.

Acts of Vandalism

In an unfortunate incident on 12 July (2023) Rioters broke into the Supermarket in Kitengela and carted away goods.

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