Karangu Muraya: Journey Of Famous Kikuyu Artiste, Philanthropy And Finding Himself In Land Scandal

Karangu Muraya is a Kikuyu artiste who also identifies himself as philanthropist.

Muraya was recently on the spot for working with real estate company, Lesedi Developers who are accused of conning unsuspecting Kenyans.

He was one of the social media marketing influencers pushing people to buy lands and homes through the company.

But who is Muraya, here is what WoK has gathered about the same.


In an interview on Kiengei Live Show on Kameme TV, Muraya stated that he hails from Kagio-ini, Murang’a County.

He disclosed that he was born by the roadside after their neighbour who owned a vehicle in their village refused to ferry his mother to the hospital.

He partly attended a charity school as his parents were not able to to afford school fees for his secondary school education.

“Those who were ahead of me had not gone to school and I wanted to break the idea that in my home, we do not go beyond Class 8

After completion of her secondary school education, he moved to Nairobi to start life on his own.

“I scored a D+ and came back to start life again in Nairobi. My dad paid rent for two months and told me to build myself,” Muraya stated.

The musician worked in Nairobi for a while before relocating back to Murang’a where he set up a cosmetic shop.

“I started selling mutura in Kayole and after getting my small savings, I went back home and started a cosmetic shop,” Muraya said.

He operated the shop before going bankrupt, forcing him to close down the shop.

The musician has one wife, Mama Esther.


Muraya is behind some of the big Kikuyu songs, he also uses his music to address political matters in the country.

For instance, in 2020, he released a song praising former President Uhuru Kenyatta over the introduction of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Muraya who composed the song alongside Job Ayub and Charles Konde said they are representing the Akorino fraternity, who have always been left behind in matters concerning the country.

“We are not a sect but Christians, and so our views count in this country. We follow everything that is happening and this time around, we have to speak our part, which is supporting the President by embracing the BBI

“After the handshake, the country has been peaceful and even in our places of worship, we now have people from all tribes unlike before,” he said in a past interview.

The song also highlighted the impact of Uhuru’s handshake with Raila Odinga and development projects done under the latter’s administration.


Being among the most followed vernacular musicians in Kenya, Muraya is also involved in philanthropy work.

The musician uses his social media platforms to do charity, noting that he has helped more than 1,000 needy people since he started.

“I have children in university through my platform, and many others have gotten homes and even received medical assistance

“The same social media has made me a brand ambassador to more than 100 brands. I would say since God has put me on the top, then I am ready to be a topic,” he said.

Lesedi Developers

Muraya was recently on the receiving end for working with Thika-based real estate company, Lesedi Developers.

This is after it emerged that the company had scammed unsuspecting customers by selling them nonexistent land.

Muraya is among influencers who ran social media campaigns pushing Kenyans into buying lands and homes through the realtor.

Reacting to the backlash, the musician he has also invested in the company, adding that while entering the marketing deal, he has no intentions of conning people.

“I want to confirm to you all that year 2021, I invested and influenced for the Lesedi Group,” wrote Muraya on his Facebook page. I myself as many other Influencers can confirm to you that our contract was not to con Kenyans as I have seen many people referring to us

“To all my followers am sorry and I can confirm to you that I will stand with all investors and as per our agreement with management you will either get your title deeds or a refund as soon as possible,” Muraya said.