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Ken Ng’ondi: Kenyan Muslim Women Group Demands Apology After Nairobi Speaker Forcefully Hugged Woman

Ken Ng'ondi.
Ken Ng’ondi the Nairobi Speaker is underside after forcefully hugging a Muslim woman. Photo/Standard.

A Kenyan Muslim women’s group has expressed deep concern and condemned an incident involving Nairobi County Speaker Ken Ng’ondi grappling a hijabi Muslim employee.

In the video that has been trending online Ng’ondi also forcefully demanded her to shake his hand and pose for a photo with him.

In a statement seen by WoK, the Kenya Muslim Women Network led by it’s chair Amina Hirsi said the speaker’s actions were deeply disturbing.

“It is deeply troubling that despite being aware of her religious and cultural beliefs, he chose to blatantly disregard them,”

“This action not only displays a lack of respect for her personal beliefs but also a clear disregard for her autonomy and agency as an individual. His insistence on violating the boundaries of personal space and disregarding the employee’s religious convictions can be construed as an act of sexual harassment,” Hirsi said in the statement.

The Muslim Women Network asked Ng’ondi to publicly apologise for his actions and to undergo sensitivity training.

“We demand his immediate apology and commitment to undergo sensitivity training. We urge him to take concrete steps to foster a more inclusive and respectful work environment,” the statement read.

On Tuesday, April 16, the Association of Muslim Lawyers condemned Ng’ondi over the viral video in which he is seen forcing a Muslim woman to shake his hand during an office birthday party.

The lawyers equated the Speaker’s actions with sexual and physical assault.