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Ken Wa Maria Net Worth, Businesses And What He Charges Per Show

Kamba benga music is synonymous with Ken Wa Maria, real name Kennedy Wambua Ngunze. The Fundamentals hitmaker has over the years dished out hit after hit until a sojourn in politics slowed him down. The controversial artist is best defined by his somewhat raunchy videos and lyrical content not fit for children. He likes politics and it’s a running theme in some of his songs. So how much is Ken Wa Maria worth.

Let’s first revisit his early days before he ventured into music.

Starting Out
The controversial act fame and fortune did not come on a silver platter. Before he ventured into music, Wa Maria worked as a casual labourer in factories located in Athi River before dealing in second clothes in Gikomba market.

Ken Wa Maria Education
The Ukambani benga king values education. Ken Wa Maria graduated from the University of Nairobi with a Bachelors of Business Statistics degree. He did not stop there. The artiste, who doubles as a businessman, went ahead to enroll for masters at the Strathmore University. And this is what he said in the past about missing classes after a performance in the Churchil Show:

“My fans kept me going all night and I ended up leaving the place late in the morning. I woke up late and when I got to class, the lecturer was halfway done. I was really unhappy….,” he went on to say;

“Sometimes, my performance schedule clashes with my school time. Sometimes, I have to make special arrangements with my lecturers to update me privately,” the artist was quoted by the pulse.

Ken Wa Maria Family
He is married to Angela and the couple has two children. Wa Maria has largely kept his family out of the limelight.

Ken Wa Maria released his debut album in 2004, that featured the hit We Nzamithya Mwelu (Mwelu, Let Me Taste). A song whose lyrical content came under sharp criticism from a section of the public. He has gone to produce over 200 songs and more than 20 albums. Fundamentals is among his latest hits and at some point it was on almost everybodys lips. His band, Yatta Orchestra International Band, is composed of 12 members. Over 30 members of his band have gone to start splinter groups, something Wa Maria encourages.

He said of artist leaving his band to start theirs:

There comes a time when one has to stand on his own and prove to the world that he is man enough as opposed to being behind people all the time,” says

How Much He Charges Per Show
The artist charges over kes100,000 for a performance. In 2014, Wa Maria declined an invitation to perform in a cultural event after the organizers developed cold feet when he charged kes150,000. He said:

“Kamba Nite organisers can’t pay 150k to Ken Wamaria so I refused to perform for less and they opted for cheap unknown artists. #Facts.”

Businesses and Properties He Owns
He has public transport vehicles plying the Ukambani routes
Has a garage in Umoja Estate
Music shop managed by his wife
Said to own a Toyota Landcruiser, Range Rover and a Mercedes Benz
Beachfront House in Mombasa.

Net Worth
His net worth is estimated at kes25 million.

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