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Kennedy Thiong’o: Entrepreneur Who Started Avocado Company With Ksh3,000 Capital, Now Selling Extraction Machines At Ksh 2 Million

Kennedy Thiong’o is the founder of Kencado Oil, producing avocado oil for both the retail market and manufactures.

He sells the oil to manufacturers making hair and beauty products such as shower gels, oils, hair products and soap.

This oil is extracted from the pulp of the avocado fruit and is high in healthy fats, antioxidants, and other nutrients.

Here is Kennedy’s story as told by WoK.

In an interview with Standard, the entrepreneur explain that the business needs a start up capital of between Ksh 500,000 to Ksh 2.5 million.

He, however, explained that it depends on among other factors the quality of oil produced and the production capacity.

He started his company with a Ksh 3,000 capital which was contributed by his family members.

Kennedy also explained that doing research on different production methods is also a critical step.

“The best way to start the business is by researching and accumulating as much knowledge as possible on the process of oil production because different production methods can be used,” he said.

He also mentioned the need of acquiring a high-end machine that will come in handy in production of extra virgin oil.

The extra virgin oil is the most expensive compared to the second or third grade oil.

He sells locally made machines that cost between Ksh 800,000 to 2 million, although the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation also sells an electric Oil Presser at Ksh 70,000.

At the same time, Kennedy also mentions that entrepreneurs don’t need to but the production machines.

He advised, “You can buy oil from established companies and package it as your own. You can also lease equipment at an affordable cost.”

While establishing a company, Kennedy said it must be registered, just like any other business, in order to be allowed to trade.

Entrepreneurs must obtain certification from among other institutions the Kenya Bureau of Standards at Ksh 5,800.

“…to produce avocado cooking oil, you’ll need a health certificate,” he added.

Avocado oil is used in the cosmetics industry to make cleansing creams, moisturisers, skin care products, hair conditioners, lipstick, sun lotions, bath oils and makeup bases.

The oil is said to contain vitamins A, D and E. One of its endearing qualities is that it does not have a strong smell, making it easy to use.

Avocado oil is a rich source of healthy fats, including monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which help lower cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of heart disease and improve brain function.

The oil is also high in antioxidants, which are compounds that help protect the body from damage caused by free radicals.

Avocado oil is also a great natural moisturizer for the skin and hair as it is easily absorbed by the skin and can help improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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