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Kenya Safari from Nairobi: Fun Things to Do

Would you believe it if we told you that there are some pretty fun things to do on a Nairobi safari?

Like most capitals, Nairobi has its fair share of hustle and bustle. 

But it’s not all work and no play. 

True to Kenya’s pedigree as an international wildlife tourism hub, the city also brings you plenty of wildlife action.

The attractions in Nairobi Kenya include the Nairobi National Park, where wildlife roams freely in a natural environment.

Others are museums and orphanages detailing different facets of Kenya’s famed wild animals. You will encounter plenty of the Big Five and a myriad other creatures in these wildlife hotspots.

Below, we discuss some of the most popular Nairobi tourist attractions and the animals found in each. We also inform you of the fun things you can enjoy when you travel to Nairobi. 

  • Nairobi National Park tour

The Nairobi National park is unique in that it is the only protected area in the world with a diverse wildlife population within a major city.

The park is situated a mere 10km from the Central Business District (CBD), which is approximately a half hours’ drive.

While visiting Nairobi, you may opt to rent a self-driven vehicle, mostly Toyota Land cruiser, Mazda CX-5, Sabaru Legacy, Toyota Hiace and other off-road vehicles, or to be ferried to the park by Kenya’s professional travel agents. For game drives, safari land cruiser – with open roof is preferred. 

It presents you with the best opportunity to sample a wildlife safari without leaving the city’s environs. As such, it is the most ideal park to visit if you happen to be in Nairobi for a limited period or if your funds are a bit low for a full-fledged Maasai Mara safari.

On a Nairobi National Park tour, you are likely to encounter more than 400 species of birds as well as numerous other animals. These include the black rhino, leopards, buffalo, hyena, cheetah, cheetah, and giraffe.

Kenya Safari from Nairobi: Fun Things to Do
Figure 1 Rhino at the park Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/rhino-calf-horns-mother-and-child-6065480/

Some of the fun activities to do at the park include game drives, picnics and hiking safaris.

  • Giraffe manor

Travel to Nairobi and spice up your Nairobi trip by visiting the Giraffe manor, one of the city’s most significant landmarks.

At the manor, you will enjoy your breakfast in the company of some superbly tall friends, the Rothschild’s giraffes who call the place home.

Arguably the most instagramed of tourist attractions, the property’s location is part of an indigenous forest and sits on 12 acres.

The giraffes are the manor’s main attraction. These gentle giants will drop by to say hello by poking their elegant necks through some of the manor’s windows.

Figure 2 giraffe manor, Kenya Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/UwrdquEfJd4

They will eat treats right out of your hand before retreating to the forest.

Unlike the other attractions in Nairobi Kenya, the giraffe manor offers you interaction with wildlife as well as accommodation during your stay.

Therefore, you can take advantage of their room and board which avails you close interaction with the giraffes.

  • Nairobi National Orphanage

Another of Nairobi’s tourist attractions is the animal orphanage located at the heart of the Nairobi National park.

The orphanage is a rehabilitation and treatment center for wild animals, including birds. 

Among the animals you are likely to see at the orphanage are leopards, lions, baboons, monkeys, serval cats, warthogs, buffalos, hyenas, and jackals.

Also featured are the extremely rare sokoke breed of cat. The sokoke cat is considered one of the rarest species of domestic felines as it is left to breed naturally.

Discovered in the Arabuko Sokoke forest (which is another tourist gem situated at the Kenyan coast), the sokoke cat is a purebred and naturally created cat. 

Unlike some of the common domestic cats, it is not the product of other breeds.

Among the birds you will find at the orphanage are ostriches, cranes, guinea fowls, and parrots.

The orphanage is an all year round attraction and you can drop in whenever you happen to be visiting Nairobi. 

  • Sheldrick wildlife trust

A Nairobi trip is never quite complete without a visit to the Sheldrick wildlife trust. The trust is a center dedicated to the rescuing of orphaned baby elephants.

What makes the Sheldrick wildlife trust a treasured Nairobi tourist attraction is the fact that it is the most successful elephant rescue center in the world

The trust’s efforts revolve around conservationism and the giving of veterinary support to young and vulnerable baby elephants. 

Figure 3 feeding an elephant calf Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/elephants-bottle-feeding-nairobi-4756614/

Besides that, the center even allows donors to adopt an elephant by contributing in cash or in kind towards the rearing of these otherwise destitute calves.

The visiting hours at the center are between 11am-Noon on any day of the year, except 25th December. 

Due to the limited visitation hours, visitors hoping to feed the calves are advised to make their booking in advance. 

These prior bookings can be made up to three months in advance. And since the entry charges are fairly affordable, there is no reason why you should not take advantage and book your nursery visit early!

  • Nairobi safari walk

Another fun thing on Nairobi safari is the Nairobi safari walk. 

It is a wildlife viewing amenity managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and is a landscaped zoo that showcases Kenya’s wildlife beautifully. 

Located just 10Km from the Central Business District (CBD), the safari walk featured an elevated boardwalk.

It allows you to get an up close view of some of the magnificent wild animals you are likely to find in the country’s parks and reserves.

In a way, the Nairobi safari walk is the trailer to what awaits you when you go on a fully-fledged game safari to Kenya’s award winning animal parks.