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Kenyan Celebrities Who Are Broke And Not Shied From Asking For Financial Assistance

Being a celebrity in this part of the world is probably never a good idea. It is one of those vocations that should be a side hustle if the stories dominating social media platforms are anything to go by. The last couple of months a lot of celebrities have come out to either seek financial help or share battle with depression after years of being in the limelight. So, is the problem the industry or do most celebrities carelessly spend their money? Should they get financial advisors before the fame? This is because it is so easy to get lost in fame and spend carelessly. While many theories may come up, it is only the celebrity who knows what happens behind the scenes and hopefully other entertainers can learn a lesson or two from those who’ve gone downhill or almost did.

Below is a list of some Kenyan Celebrities who’ve admitted to going broke and or sinking into depression:

Justin Syokau

She is known for the famous hit Twendi Twendi, a song that declared 2020 a year full of blessings. She had a tough life after getting married in a colorful ceremony in 2012 only to be mistreated by her husband. However, things seemed to change and her stars were aligned but according to her, it all began to change when she was misdiagnosed and given the wrong prescription at the beginning of 2021. The singer was asking Kenyans to help her as her situation was very dire. 

“I was broke, and I told my house help to sell household items so we can raise funds. I sold my clothes and shoes to offset the hospital bill,’” she said.

Comedian Jemutai (Stella Bunei)

For years, Jemutai has been tickling the Kenyan audience with her hilarious punchlines on the Churchill show. Most people expected her life to be smooth having been in the show for quite sometime and also considering that her baby daddy is fellow comedian and Hot 96 presenter Herman, alias Professor Hammo. However, in a recent lengthy Facebook post, she described how she has been forced to raise her children alone and in hardship and has not received support from the Hot 96 presenter for months. Jemutai claimed she has not been able to pay her rent. 

Mama Stella (Clara Wamaitha)

She played the role Cindy in the Citizen TV drama Machachari which folded a while back. Recently, she appealed to Kenyans to help her raise Sh150,000 for her medical treatment. Clara had seen some changes on her skin before the show ended but didn’t put much consideration into it. She then spent a lot of money seeking treatment which was expensive, the condition was later diagnosed as Vitiligo. Unfortunately, this skin condition has no cure and sadly most people have to live with it.


He recently came out to say that he was ill and also behind rent payments. While the name may not be known to many Kenyans, his works are definitely famous. He is a singer and the producer behind some famous hits including: 

  • Fimbo inachapa
  • Chali stinji
  • Fukuza mapepo
  • Maswali ya polisi

He said that many celebrities suffer but are afraid to say it due to fear of judgement from the public and added that he was broke and could not be admitted to the hospital due to lack of funds. 

“I went to Neema Hospital in Kasarani with neck pains, but they could not admit me. They advised me to first get some funds before seeking treatment,” he said. 

Omosh (Kamau Kinuthia)

He graced Kenyans’ screens for so long, people got used to him. Away from the screens, he was fighting alcohol addiction. When the Tahidi High series folded his finances became dire and even got worse in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. He appealed to Kenyans for help as he was broke, behind rent payments and did not even have money for food. Kenyans of goodwill came to his rescue and he is now at a better place. 

Mrs Ngatia

This is yet another Tahidi High actor who acted as a school cook in the show. She is married to Kinuthia, alias Omosh, and has kids together. It goes without saying that she too was not at a good place when her husband came out to reveal their dire financial situation. Thanks to well wishers, they are at a better place and fans can only hope they manage their finances well and keep moving upward in life. 

Angel Waruinge

Kenyans knew her as Miss Morgan in Tahidi high, where she played the role of a no nonsense deputy. Fame is good but if you let it, it can be an enemy as she found out. She explained how fame made her begin to live beyond her means, created emptiness, made her sink into depression and embrace alcoholism. 

“So, when you start living an empty life, what happens? You start getting stressed… I went through depression. And depression can take you to alcohol. Some other people would just hide in the Christian faith. I embraced alcoholism at some point…,” she partly said in a previous interview.

Luckily, she had friends and family who supported her and she removed herself from the environment that was bringing her down. Hers is a story of inspiration and that you don’t have to hit the proverbial rock bottom, you can seek help before it gets worse. 

Bernard Mwangi

He played the role of Mr Mweposi on Tahidi High. He too battled with alcoholism and depression, his wife left him due to alcoholism. His health also went downhill as he had diabetes and no means to access medication. The former TV actor did not want to be just another charity case and asked for help in order to get started on a farming business.

“I do not want to be highlighted as a charity case like some of my colleagues. I want to be given the hook so I can go fishing myself,” he said. 

He expressed interest in venturing into onion and pepper farming. 

OJ (Dennis Mugo)

He acted as the bad boy in Tahidi High and was loved by the audience. In his own words, he made lots of money but the fame got into his head and he sunk into alcoholism. He got a son but separated with the mother due to his alcohol problems. Luckily, he was able to battle the depression and get back on his feet.