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Kenyan Celebrities Who Worked As Househelps 

No matter where you are born or how dire the situation is, tomorrow is always an opportunity to change the course of your life. Being a house help is not an easy job especially when dealing with a fault finding employer. Some of these employers put so much pressure on their house-helps and even criticise then infront of the very kids they look after when their parents are not home. But not all households are bad. That said, some of these ‘maids’ as they are often referred to, have special gifts as we shall see in this article. This writer takes a look at the Kenyan Celebrities Who Worked As Househelps  and are now A-list stars. 

Gloria Muliro

Gloria Muliro is an award winning Kenyan gospel musician whose music has not only propelled her to the limelight but it has also enabled her to live a comfortable lifestyle. The 41-year-old was brought up in Western Kenya and lost her mother at a very young age making life very difficult. She worked as a housemaid at one point and earned Ksh1300 per month. She would later become a bit famous after releasing the song ‘Omwami Aletsa.’ This would be followed by a number of other songs including Sitolia which brought Willy Paul to the limelight.

Today, the artist has toured the world and won a number of awards. 

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Kenyan Celebrities Who Worked As Househelps 
Betty Bayo Looking Elegant Image/Courtesy

Betty Bayo

Betty Bayo is a gospel musician whose songs are majorly sang in her native Kikuyu language. She became famous after her husband Pastor Victor Kanyari was exposed for being a false prophet who had conned thousands of Kenyans out of their hard earned money. She trended for a while after the expose on KTN with some alleging she was part of her ex-husband’s scam. However, she distanced herself from Kanyari and has since grown to become a brand on her own with a social media network that reaches hundreds of thousands. Her YouTube channel has massive followers and a number of videos majorly done in the Agikuyu language.

Before all this fame, at one point she had to drop out of high school due to lack of fees and worked as a maid for two years before going back to school.

Kenyan Celebrities Who Worked As Househelps 
Nyota Ndogo Story Is A Testimony That All Is Possible Image/Courtesy

Nyota Ndogo

Mwanaisha Abdalla, popularly known as Nyota Ndogo, is a secular artiste who hails from the coastal region of Kenya. She came from very humble beginnings and to try and break the shackles of poverty worked as a maid for two years while saving up to record her music.

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From mopping floors to this Image/thestar

Nyce Wanjeri

Nyce Wanjeri became a sensation after being one of the main character in the famous NTV drama series Aunty Boss. She played the role of a naive maid who never shied of expressing her opinions to her bosses. She was loved by her boss’ son and played the role so effectively that it was a surprise to many fans whenever they met her face to face. While they expected to find a shabby, naïve maid with a thick accent, they instead met a very beautiful eloquent woman. This just shows the prowess of her skills.

She went on to win one of the biggest awards in Africa but what many do not know is that her life was not a smooth ride. At one point, she was at her wits end and decided to take a job as a housemaid just to make ends meet. 

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Kenyan Celebrities Who Worked As Househelps 
Mercy Mwende Doing What She Loves Image/Courtesy

Mercy Mwende 

Mercy Mwende is known for her hilarious sense of humor. She became famous after appearing on Churchill Show as one of the comedians. Known for her very colorful dressing style (which she often said was owing to her Kamba tribe), she has the uncanny ability to make her audience crack their ribs at her funny quips.

Before becoming a star, she once worked as a housemaid in Saudi Arabia and even while still there she would record short comic clips of herself. 

Kenyan Celebrities Who Worked As Househelps 
Female boxer Fatuma Zarika Image/Citizen

Zarika Fatuma

Zarika Fatuma is arguably one of the best female boxers in Africa. She is known for her calculated moves at the ring and lives a fairly comfortable lifestyle thanks to her boxing career.

Growing up, life was not easy for the young Zarika. She could not continue past primary school since her parents lacked the money to enable her further her studies. Therefore, she stepped up and did a number of menial jobs to help the family make ends meet. The boxer diligently worked as a housemaid for one year before looking for other opportunities.


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