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Kenyan In The UK Making Ksh20K Per Night Working As A Supermarket Attendant

Huku Yukei, as he is popularly known across social media platforms, is a Kenyan living in the United Kingdom.

He does two jobs including working as a supermarket attendant to supplement his income and sustain himself and his family.

In this article, WoK looks at how Huku Yukei makes at least Ksh 200,000 per month working as a supermarket attendant.

The young man runs a YouTube channel dubbed, Huku Yukei, where he shows people about his life in the UK and among others jobs that he does.

Although he did not disclose his main job, he noted that he also works as supermarket attendant to supplement his income.

He works during the night, from 9 pm to 7am, and he makes Ksh 20,000 on a single night. He is however given a one hour break for meals.

In one of the episodes on his YouTube channel, he showed his fans how he reports to work, and survive the night in the huge supermarket.

From the video, he could be seen moving from one aisle to another while opening boxes and arranging products on the shelves.

Huku Yukei explained that he gets the job through an agency where he has an option to accept or deny job offers.

The YouTuber does the supermarket job between six to 10 times per month.

“This job pays well. It entails arranging products on the shelves and I do it 10 time every month because I have another job. Basically, I make Ksh 200,000 in ten days,” he said.


While he is not working, Huku Yukei shoots content for his YouTube channel.

The channel created in March 2022 has some 13,500 subscribers, 31 videos and 498,020 total views as of February 2023.