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Kenyan Mother Desperate to Raise KSh 150 Million to Save Son From Execution In Saudi Arabia

Kenyan mother
Dorothy Kweyu has been fighting for the release of her son facing execution in Saudi Arabia. Photo/X.

A Kenyan mother is desperate to save her son from execution in Saudi Arabia.

Dorothy Kweyu is seeking to raise KSh150 million to save her son.

Stephen Bertrand Munyakho has been in prison since 2011.

Stephen was arrested and convicted of the death of a Yemeni national after they engaged in a fistfight that left the Yemeni dead.

Kweyu revealed her son had no intention to kill and said the victim’s family had stepped back on their reciprocal right to revenge.

“While appreciating the victim’s family for stepping back, we still have to fulfil the court’s order to pay the equivalent of KSh150 million by May 15, 2024, for him to be released,” an appeal statement read.

The mother said her son has been in prison for 13 years after being sentenced to death by sword.

“My son was sentenced to death by the sword, but this would not be carried out immediately because a child from the Yemeni family was involved,” Kweyu told the press in March this year,”

“He had to be 18 to have a say IN the execution of his father’s killer, I was later told,” Kweyu shared.

Saudi Arabia has for years faced criticism on its death penalty with human rights organizations claiming even minors are executed.

On April 29, 2024, 27 international organizations sent out a joint statement.

They expressed grave concern for the continued execution of minors despite Saudi Arabia’s narrative that it has halted juvenile death sentences.

In particular, the letter raises concern for the imminent execution of Yousif Al-Manasif and Ali Al-Mubaiouq.

The two were convicted based on their confessions and sentenced to death for crimes committed from the age of 14 to 17.