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Kenyan Woman Who Saved KSh 3k Monthly to Start Successful Sanitary Pads Business

Florence Njuguna had for four years worked at a supermarket earning KSh 15k.

The job took a toll on her as it left her exhausted and frustrated.

Florence who is a mother of three decided it was time to quit and venture into something that at least would give her peace of mind.

According to Bizna, she would start work at 6 am and return home past 7 pm.

“Apart from the small salary, I was not comfortable with the working hours which denied me ample time to be with my family,” Florence is quoted.

Florence managed to save KSh 200k by saving KSh 3k monthly in a SACCO and 1k in her chama.

She wanted to start a sanitary pads venture but her capital was not enough so applied for a bank loan of KSh 300k.

The business was inspired by the problems she faced in getting quality sanitary pads that always leaked and became expensive as she had to change them regularly.

Armed with KSh 500k, she imported 10,000 sanitary pads from China, sadly her first consignment made her a loss.

Determined to succeed, Florence studied the market again and took notes of the mistakes she earlier made.

With the lessons learnt Florence managed to make a profit and also set sights on developing a kit for testing urinary tract infections and panty liners.

These new products got her good feedback from her customers and it helped the business expand from the initial capital she had raised.