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Kenyans Share Challenges of Running a Business:”Not For The Faint-hearted”

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Many Kenyans say running a business has been a struggle. Photo/X.

Kenyans on social media have revealed the challenges they face while running businesses.

The hard economic times and taxes have cropped up as one of the major reasons that are forcing business people and entrepreneurs to nearly give up.

In the 52-week savings challenge Facebook group, netizens shared the pains they have gone through in running their hustles.

“Wah business is not for the fainted-hearted,” Thee Maina posed.

Many agreed with his frustration and blamed the country’s situation for the mess they are facing.

At times you might wonder if you were digging your grave into poverty, whether going to that business was the greatest blunder of your life! Business is draining, if you don’t have a strong will, my friend, just suffer working for other people – Edu May posted.

There comes a time when you wonder whether you are selling the right thing, esp if the things you selling are not needed but wanted… Woi help us, God – Onzere Mercy posted.

Other social media users shared the positive sides of running a business and encouraged others not to give up.

13 years in business and still growing strong – Pauline Akinyi said.

Hang in there. Things will work out. We all are struggling and keep afloat. Hold your breath further to avoid drowning – Winny Nyams advised.

WoK previously reported on media personality Betty Kyalo facing an auction of her high-end salon over rent arrears.

“Running a business in Kenya has become so difficult. Landlords don’t want to reduce rent and it becomes a huge burden on businesses that are struggling because of the economic slowdown,” Kyalo said