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SPONSORED: How I Was Able To Retain My Job After Half Of The Employees Were Fired

Hello world, am Johnson from Nakuru, Kenya. I work as an accountant at a mega hardware. Am married with three children.

In 2020, when coronavirus struck, business ran low and profits decreased. Therefore, the boss decided to start by slashing our salaries.

Some months later, we were all surprised when we were given a notice that some of us had to be fired as the company could not afford to pay the salaries for all of us. Therefore, the ones whose names will be selected will have to be fired.

I was among the ones selected to get fired. More than half of us as workers had been selected by the dean of managers. I could not believe that i could be fired, having in mind all the hardwork and determination I have for  the company to do well. I was often consulted in matters concerning making  decisions.

I had earlier read and heard of kiwanga doctors, experts in traditional healing.

I contacted dr kiwanga and that is how i saved my position at work. Dr Kiwanga made it possible that the dean reconsidered to retain me to my job. Thanks to Kiwanga doctors.

Kiwanga doctors are really experienced and dependable herbalists who ensure that our lives are not inhibited by various life challenges like depression, marriage wrangles among others. They also treat various diseases such as syphilis, high blood pressure among other just in a span of three days. Don’t let certain life challenges be a barricade to your success or even any disease that may have given you sleepless nights for Kiwanga doctors are really the real deal in town. 

For consultations call +254 769404965 / E-mail kiwangadoctors@gmail.com or visit the website www.kiwangadoctors.com

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