KRG The Don: I Made Money Supplying Sand And Ballast For SGR Project And Vast Inheritance From My Grandmother

Musician KRG The Don has been in the public eye due to his extravagant lifestyle and high-profile business dealings, which have raised questions about the legitimacy of his wealth.

He owns several high-end cars, properties and businesses including Killions Group, dealing with the construction of roads and buildings.

Amid accusations of money laundering among other illegal dealings, KRG never minds telling his sources of wealth.

In a recent sit-down interview on Ikonini Podcast, the father of three disclosed that he was among contractors of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

He explained that he landed a tender to supply sand and ballast meant for the construction of the multi-billion project.

“I secured a contract with SGR from 2014 to 2016. I was supplying sand and ballast,” KRG said.

Asked whether the tender was the main source of his wealth, he disputed it noting that inheritance makes majority of his wealth.

KRG said he inherited property left behind by his grandmother who passed away a month before he was born.

“Luckily, in my family I’m highly respected because I was given my grandmother’s wealth. She died 30 days before I was born

“She had blessed my mother and said that her next child will inherit everything. When I was 18, I inherited everything,” he explained.

KRG has denied involvement in money laundering, otherwise known as wash wash, several times insisting that he can account for his wealth.

“I was always a smart kid and from as early as I was in high school, I started making money while still in school

“My dad used to give me a lot of money, he used to give me like Ksh 150,000 and I only needed Ksh 40,000. I was keen and used it wisely,” he said.

He said most people who accuse him of money laundering are lazy.

“When someone is down and they do not want to work hard, they can create any story. They start saying it is illegal business since I have friends who have been mentioned in the ‘wash wash’ thing,” KRG stated.

He invited anyone with doubts about his wealth to report him to the authorities, saying he can account for his money.

“I have not calculated my wealth but I know I am above a billion. I invest wisely and do my maths. Every youth should have a goal in life and work hard,” he said.

He ventured into the music at 16, and his interest has risen since then. He has released several dancehall and hip-hop tracks under G Hood Records.

He has collaborated with other artistes such as Jiggy, Khaligraph Jones, Boondocks, DJ Lyta and Sailors.

Some of his hits include We Run This, Body Fine, Kairetu, Nyandus, Lamba Lolo, Wheel It ft DJ Lyta, Some Money and Poz Pan.

Others are I like it, Twa Twa, Summer Time, Mr International, Kuroria, Giddem, Every Girl, Intro, Whine, Antidote, Saucy and If you Love Jah.

According to TUKO, KRG owns an exquisite barbershop and salon located in Kilimani and Killions Group, dealing with the construction of roads and buildings.

He also owns Taraja Safaris, a tours and travel company which includes other businesses in the transport and real estate.