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‘Kwame’ Quincy Rapando Biography: Dropped Out Of Engineering Course To Pursue Acting

By Prudence Minayo

Quincy Rapando is a talented Kenyan actor who was propelled to fame for his roles in Maria and Zora TV series where he played the roles of Thomas and Kwame respectively. The actor started out as a model, rapper, music producer and had minor roles on TV before his big break. Here is his story as told by WoK writer. 


He is currently 28 years old as of 2021. (He was born in 1993).


Kwame was pursuing a course in electrical engineering but called it quits midway to the chagrin of his parents. Talking to Kenyans, the actor said that his dream was to become a rapper and that was what he was chasing. 

“I did not finish the course because I wanted to pursue music. My parents were disappointed in me when I dropped out but I knew I wanted to make music,” he told the blog. 


The allure of the arts was too strong for Rapando leading to the painful decision to drop his studies and join the entertainment industry. Going by the stage name ‘Quincy Ando’, he released ‘Wisk_e’ alongside Narcos which went on to garner 12,000 views on YouTube. The video was low budget and to sustain his ambitions, he did odd jobs at construction sites for a daily wage. With this new path not looking promising, the Zora actor was introduced to modelling by a friend. When life became difficult he contemplated becoming a bouncer. 

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Big Break 

Quincy would then play a number of roles in different commercials. While shooting an advertisement, a friend challenged him to get into acting, sentiments that were echoed by a number of celebrities he was involved in the advertisement. This made him do some research on acting and he began attending auditions with no success.  He never gave up hoping that his determination and drive would one day pay off and he began getting a number of minor roles. 

In 2019, he auditioned for the role Luwi in the Maria drama series. Even after failing to get this very important role, he was casted as a gardener named Thomas. He did his job exceptionally well and did not give the role less just because it was a minor one. He would later be praised by the series’ co-producer Rashid Abdalla for his determination and spirit on set. 

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In 2021, he appeared on Zora drama series after being casted for the role Kwame. Kwame’s character is a far cry from his role on Maria showing how versatile Rapando can be. In the drama series, he is the son of the Chibale family.  His family hates his wife but he defends her and sticks by her side. He is also known to speak his mind in the series and to be a bit aggressive. 

Music Career

Apart from acting, Rapando is a rapper who believes that one day he will make it big in the music industry. He loves hip hop and trap. His love for rap has seen him collaborate with a number of upcoming rappers and he has released a number of songs on YouTube including: Narcos, Hype, Dance for Me and Execution. He uses some of the income from acting to help fund his rap with the hopes that it would pay off in future.